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Brown Box Movers is family-owned & operated. We thrive on excellence, professionalism, & exceptional customer service.  We are here to ensure our customers have an affordable, stress-free & efficient move as possible.

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Moving Tips

Pros and Cons Associated with Moving During the Fall

The fall season is a time when many people look forward to the holidays and spending time with family. For many, it is also a time to move. If you are planning on moving this fall, you need to know how to make it a success. Here are some advantages and disadvantages about moving in…

5 Tips to Consider Before a Long Distance Move

After dumping a drawer full of toys onto the floor, she organizes them into piles and then places them into smaller containers with labels. A month later, right before the family is ready to move, she repeats the process, dumps every toy onto the floor, and once again, she organizes and sorts, but this time…

Make Your Move Seamless With Door-to-Door Moving and Premium Storage

Most moves are not as straightforward as you’d like them to be. You don’t simply pack up everything you own and then directly move it into your new home on the appointed day. Sometimes, a move may take more than a day. Sometimes, things may get damaged in the move. And sometimes, the new home…

5 Tips for Holding a Successful Pre-Move Garage Sale

If you’re considering moving, it’s never too early to remove your unwanted items. A pre-move garage sale can bring in extra cash to help with your move, and it can also be an opportunity to get rid of things you don’t want or need in the long run, so you don’t have to worry about…

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