Brown Box Movers Employment Opportunities

Are you looking for hands-on, rewarding work? Would you like to partner with a moving company committed to raising the bar for all service providers in the industry? Brown Box Movers was founded on the principle that moving can, and should be, a positive experience and that impeccable customer service will make this possible. Knowing that our frontline team members play a pivotal role in our customer’s moving experience, we selectively recruit the additions to our standout moving crews. Then, in order to put a solid foundation in place for our partnership, we invest in employee development to ensure a mutually beneficial engagement.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the most efficient and stress-free move possible. And we understand that it is our hard-working, motivated team members that make this possible. Our ideal candidates are:

Storage Moving in Denton
  • physically fit,
  • competent drivers,
  • friendly and passionate about customer service,
  • committed to our valuable training program, and
  • able to pass a background check.

Full of possibility, moving is an exciting time for our customers. We’re honored to play a part in their excitement. We’re committed to doing our part to making their transition a success. And we’re looking for hard-working, motivated individuals to join our team. Below you will find a list of current openings.

Our Values

To provide our customers with the best moving experience possible, Brown Box Movers prioritizes:

  • professionalism
  • exceptional customer service
  • overall excellence

Moving Services

Located in Denton, TX, our company continues to grow to support the demands of the fast-growing DFW metroplex. We provide a full suite of moving services, including:

  • residential moves to/from homes, apartments, and college dorms
  • storage unit contents moving
  • commercial office and warehouse moving
  • Packing & Unpacking