3 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Hire A Residential Mover When You Have Young Kids

If you have young kids, and you are trying to move from one home to another, this is often a very difficult task. Not only do you have to worry about trying to move all of your items, but you also have to stress about your children. A great solution to this problem is to hire a residential mover to come in and help you out. Here are three reasons why it is so important to hire a residential mover when you have young kids.

3 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Hire A Residential Mover When You Have Young Kids

Keep Everyone Safe

One very important reason to hire a residential mover is to keep everyone safe. Young children and moving often don’t mix well and can create a huge safety hazard. When trying to move yourself, you have to worry about your kids getting into boxes that they shouldn’t, getting hurt when moving items, and the list goes on. When someone moves you, this allows you to carefully watch your children, while the movers get the job done.

Help You Stay Sane 

Hiring residential movers will also help you to stay sane during the moving process. Rather than feeling completely overwhelmed and as if you are drowning in boxes, you will instead have the help that you need. You will be more of a task master and can help the movers know exactly what you need to have done. They will happily perform these tasks and get you moved.

Ensure The Job Is Done Properly

Lastly, when you hire residential movers to help you move, you know that the job will be done properly. All of your items will be put in the appropriate boxes, and they will carefully be moved from your home, to the moving truck, and to your new residence. Your furniture will also be moved carefully and protected during the process. The same can’t be said if you are trying to move yourself, because you will likely be going as fast as you can and giving half of your attention to moving and the other half to your children.

To learn more reasons why it is so important to hire a residential mover when you have young kids, or to hire your own residential mover today, visit us at Brown Box Movers.

2 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Commercial Moving Service

If you are planning on moving from one commercial location to another, this is definitely a big undertaking. A great way to make sure that this is a positive experience for you, is to hire a commercial moving service. Here are 2 excellent reasons to hire a commercial moving service.

2 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Commercial Moving Service

Save Time 

When it comes to your commercial business, time is money. Because of this, it is important that your move takes as little time as possible. This allows you to get back to work faster and start making money again. A great way to make this happen is to hire a commercial moving service to come in and take care of your move for you. The team of movers will be able to quickly pack, load, and unload your items into your new location, and will do so in a very careful and organized fashion. This is something that you definitely cannot do on your own and will make the whole experience much better for you and for your business.

Ensure Items Are Moved Properly 

Another excellent reason to hire a commercial moving service is to ensure that all of your items are moved properly. You likely have a lot of money invested into the items that need moved, and you want to make sure that they are moved safely. The commercial moving service that you hire will have all the necessary training, packing materials, and equipment to make sure that all of your items are packed, loaded, and unloaded properly, without causing any damage to them. Also, if an accident does happen, you have the comfort of knowing that insurance will cover the cost of the damaged item.

To learn more reasons why it is an excellent idea to hire a commercial moving company for your next move, visit us today at Brown Box Movers.

7 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

With summer winding down, and fall right around the corner, the holidays are practically upon us. And for some of us, changes are also in the air when it comes to moving to a new apartment.  If you’re one of those that choose to move during the holiday season, then there are a few things you can do to make the move a bit less stressful. There’s no need to lose your holiday cheer over the move, if you go about it the right way.

7 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

  1. Start Packing Early – Moving is a lot of work, and you already know that. Start packing early so that you can avoid more stress closer to the actual move date. As early as you possibly can, start packing and organizing to keep ahead of the game. With a lot of the packing done and finished, you can spend some guilt-free time enjoying the holidays with your loved ones and not stress over how much left you have to do.
  2. Dine Out – Chances are, you’ve packed most of your kitchen paraphernalia away, and don’t have the tools necessary for your usual holiday feasts. Big family dinners can be nice, and should be treasured at any other holiday time, but trying for one during a move is just calling for stress. Don’t feel guilty if you decide to have a feast at a restaurant this year. Invite your family and enjoy the time with them; it’s not the food that makes the memories after all.
  3. Keep it Simple – Scale it down a bit this year. Stick with your main traditions, but keep the decorations and presents to a minimum. You don’t need to go all out to have the holiday cheer in your house. Play holiday music and bake some seasonal cookies and breads. Add a bow or two to your moving boxes if the piles start getting to you. A little festivity doesn’t hurt, but don’t stress over the lack of time or energy to decorate.
  4. Decorate Your Move – Going along with keeping it simple, have items that can be easily set up and put away. A small Christmas tree, or perhaps a door wreath. These items can make any home feel more in the holiday spirit, and don’t take much effort to pack up and move to a new location. Take some holiday cheerfulness on your drive as well, if you’re going to be spending a long time in the car during the move. Make it a festive, fun move but don’t allow yourself to stress out too much over it.
  5. Hire a Moving Company – Planning to move is stressful any time of the year. Planning it during the holidays is even more so; so take a load off and hire a moving company to do the work for you. Packing that could take you weeks can be done in one or two days by the professionals, and everything is packed and stored in a orderly, careful manner so as not to be damaged. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about your belongings getting to your new place, if your moving company is there to make the move with you. This is one of the best ways to make a move at any time of the year, but during the holidays it’s the greatest way to keep the stress away.
  6. Keep In Touch – Let people know where you’re going. The holidays are no time to be out of reach of family and friends. Try not to ever be out of touch of someone during the holiday season, especially if you’re making a move at the time.
  7. Explore – You wouldn’t be the only one that didn’t want to spend the holidays somewhere foreign to them. Don’t let it get to you, and don’t feel obligated to unpack right away. Explore your new town or city. Get to know people, attend holiday events. Let yourself feel the holiday spirit that surrounds you, despite not being familiar with the place itself.

Don’t let a move ruin your holidays. Follow these tips and you’ll have a delightful season despite what could be a stressful time. Moving should never have to take precedence over family and fun. So remember: Have a safe move, a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year. If you’re looking to move during this upcoming holiday season, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you get on your way.

3 Rules for Moving with Pets

Moving can be a stressful and exhausting time for everyone involved, including pets. Here are three rules to follow when moving with pets that will help ensure that they are comfortable, less stressed, and safe during the moving process.

3 Rules for Moving with Pets

Safety First

Safety is always a number one priority during the moving process. Moving involves moving large items like furniture and appliances. Make sure the pet is secured in a room or an area where they can’t be in the path of the movers. If someone carrying a dresser trips on the cat or dog, it could cause serious injury to not only the mover but also the pet. This can be easily avoided by making sure the pet(s) are in a safe location during the move.

Also, when traveling with pets during a move, make sure they aren’t in a confined space or a space not intended for an animal to occupy. Make room for them. Make it safe. Make sure there are no large objects that might fall on them. Never transport an animal in the back of a moving van or other vehicle used for the move, Those areas of large vehicles get very hot and also pose a significant risk to the pet of being injured by falling or shifting items during travel.


If moving long distances, it can be easy for your pet to be extremely uncomfortable, confused and even scared. Make sure the pet has a comfortable place to rest in the vehicle, and maybe even have someone (if possible), sit near them or with them during the trip. Having someone to pet them or accompany them for the trip should ease the stress the pet is experiencing. Also, remember to bring a few treats for the ride!


Stress, frustration, and anxiety are all emotions we may experience when moving. Don’t forget that the pet may experience them as well! Don’t rush the move-in or move-out process, be patient. Hurrying can cause injury to yourself and a pet. If your pet is confused and scared, they may not act like their typical self, so be patient with them.

By following these three steps while moving, you can be more confident that both you and your pet is going to be safe, have less stress and anxiety while being as comfortable as possible during the entire process.

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Why You Should Leave Furniture Moving To The Professionals

It is so important that all of your items are well taken care of in a move and this is especially true of your furniture. Since most furniture can’t be securely placed within a box for protection, it is more likely to become damaged when being loaded, transported, and unloaded. One excellent way to move your furniture as safely and securely as possible is to hire professionals to move your furniture for you. Here are three reasons why you should leave furniture moving to the professionals.

Why You Should Leave Furniture Moving To The Professionals

They Protect Your Furniture Before Moving It

It is very important that your furniture is protected and secured before you move it. Professional movers take the time to wrap your furniture in plastic bubble wrap before it is loaded so that it does not become dirty, scratched, chipped, or otherwise damaged. They also ensure things like mirrors, glass tables, and other highly breakable items have extra padding and protection.

They Have The Proper Moving Tools 

It is just as important to load and unload your furniture properly as it is to secure it. Professional furniture movers realize this, and they have all the appropriate tools on hand when they move your furniture. This includes dollies, discs, sliders, rollers, straps, carts, and more. This helps them to better protect your furniture and load it in the most effective way possible.

They Speed Up The Process

Furniture movers can turn a somewhat overwhelming and endless job into one that is quick and efficient. They have the man power, the strength, the tools, and the equipment needed to move all of your furniture much faster than you ever could on your own. This is great if you want to get your furniture moved quickly, but don’t want to sacrifice that safety and proper care of your furniture in the process.

To hire professionals to move your furniture, or simply to learn more, visit us today at Brown Box Movers.

Apartment Moving Tips – What You Need to Know

Gone are the days of trying to find a friend with a truck big enough to haul all of your things from one place to the other. If you are in the DFW area and in need of moving assistance, Brown Box Movers is your solution! We are a professional apartment moving company with your best interests in mind. Ready to move? Contact us today to get started.

Apartment Moving Tips - What You Need to Know

Top Apartment Moving Tips

We are regularly called upon to help tenants move from one apartment to another. In our years of service, we have learned a thing or two and would like to help you out. We do understand that the moving process can be overwhelming and frustrating at times, so here are a few of our top tips for those looking to move apartments:

  • Give Notice: One of the most important things you can do as a renter is to give your landlord notice. This is not just polite but looks good on your rental history as well and prevents you from paying for a space you no longer need.
  • Hire a Cleaning Service: No matter how well you think you have cleaned a space, it can almost always be better. Hiring a cleaning service will guarantee that everything looks exactly, if not better, than how you found it. And again, this just looks good on your rental history.
  • Contact Utility Provider: Make sure to also contact your utility provider. You don’t want to show up to your new home with no power!
  • Hire a Move out Service: Probably one of the best things you can do for yourself is to hire a reliable moving company. This will ensure that all of your things are moved efficiently, safely, and without hassle.

Why should you trust us? Brown Box Movers is a licensed and insured company. Our business has years of experience moving items with speed, efficiency, and safety. We’re also competitively priced and ready to help you 7-days a week! So whenever you are ready to work with a trusted moving company, be sure to give us a call. Contact us today!

Moving Services Take the Stress out of Moving Refrigerators (and Other Large Items)

Whether you’re moving your refrigerator across town or simply across the house, you may feel daunted by the task. We understand. Everything from packing up small essentials in preparation for a major household move to simply shifting kitchen appliances around the house can create stress.  Fortunately, you don’t have to face the stress alone. We’re here to help you prepare. Especially when it comes to moving refrigerators and other large items.

Moving Services Take the Stress out of Moving Refrigerators (and Other Large Items)

Multi-Step Process

If you want to attempt it by yourself, moving your refrigerator will be a multi-step process.

  1. Empty and Clean. Kitchens are riddled with opportunities for bacteria to multiply and grow. The perishables stored in refrigerators are a big part of that. Washing the shelves and drawers, wiping the interior, and scrubbing down the exterior of your fridge vastly reduces the chances of bacterial cross-contamination during your move.
  2. Wrap, Tie, and/or Tuck. Depending on the make and model of your fridge, you will want to consider wrapping it in plastic before the move. This is true particularly if it’s stainless steel. Not only will plastic wrap reduce the danger of scrapes, scratches, or incidental damage, but a tight wrap can keep the electrical cord out of the way and keep the doors from flying open.
  3. Plan Your Path. Whether you’re moving your refrigerator near or far, you will want to plan a path in advance. Walk the projected route, thinking through any potential hazards and how you will deal with them. If necessary, remove pictures hanging on the walls, shift throw rugs to the side, cover hardwood floors or delicate tile with rubber mats, and so forth.

Special Considerations

In many ways, your planned path will determine what supplies you will need.  This is especially true if you will need to negotiate stairs along the way.  In order for refrigerators to be moved safely up and down staircases, you will need a specific plan so that you do not injure yourself, endanger others, or create incidental damage.  Fortunately, you don’t need to go it alone.

We Can Help

Here at Brown Box Movers, we’re ready and willing to take care of the heavy lifting for you.  To hear more about how we can take the stress out of moving your refrigerator (and any other large items), please feel free to contact us at any time.

It’s Moving Day – Caring for Your Pets on The Big Day

Today is the big day. You’re finally moving to your new home. You’ve spent months looking for a new house, doing all the paperwork, and packing. Now, the movers are on the way. Amidst the chaos that is the maze of boxes and furniture, your pet is looking for some normalcy. As they see things move out of the house, they will get scared. Caring for your pets on the big day takes a little preparation and a lot of love.

It’s Moving Day – Caring for Your Pets on The Big Day

Check out your new digs before moving day

Did you have your furry friend in mind when you chose your new home? According to the ASPCA, dogs have different needs than cats when it comes to the size of your new home. Always take the time to check out the new neighborhood to make sure it will be safe for your pets.

Some things to consider:

  • Look for other neighborhood dogs and cats. Make a mental note of any dogs that seem aggressive or unattended.
  • Is there a dog park nearby or is your new yard big enough for your pup?
  • Do you have plenty of space to build up for your kitty?
  • Can you add an invisible kitty fence to the backyard to keep your feline friend in?

Prepare for moving day ahead of time

Preparing your pet for the move is important. Each animal will respond differently, so the sooner you start, the better. For cats, invest in a good pet carrier and introduce your kitty to it slowly. Purina suggests putting a blanket your cat loves into the carrier, followed by some treats, and leave the carrier door open. Your kitty will explore on their own and you may even find them laying down in the carrier napping before long. Start taking kitty on a ride in the carrier, so they get used to being in a moving vehicle. You could do the same for small dogs.

Speaking of dogs, why not take your pooch to the new neighborhood? What pup doesn’t like to go for a ride? Walk past your new house, letting them get used to the smells. If you can, bring pup into the new house and let them explore before you move in. During the actual packing process, let both your cat and dog explore and investigate what is going on.

On moving day, isolate your pet from the chaos

On the day of the actual move, isolate your pet from the chaos that is about to ensue BEFORE the movers arrive. Consider asking a friend to dog-sit your pooch that day. Have them take your dog to the dog park or other fun place. Let them run and be free before showing up at the new house and having another adventure. This way you don’t have to worry about your dog scaring the movers or getting out every time the front door opens. If you cannot get a dog sitter, consider isolating your pooch in a room, like a bathroom, or confined to the backyard, weather permitting.

For your cat, isolate kitty in the bathroom. This is probably the one room that has been packed already. Use a bathroom that no one will need to use during the mover’s visit. If your house only has one bathroom, prepare another place by moving all the boxes and furniture ahead of time. You want to make sure that the movers do not need to access the room. Place your cat with their carrier, litter box, food, water, and comfort items in the room. Put a note on the door telling people that your cat is in the room and not to open the door. The sign alerts everyone involved that the room is off-limits and your cat–or dog–is safe while the movers are there.

Final thoughts for after the move

It will take time for your cat and dog to acclimate to their new surroundings. If you must, keep your cat in one room for a day or two, again with their carrier, food, litter box, water, and toys. Then let them come out and explore on their own. Your dog will probably inspect everything five minutes after they walk in the front door. Stick to the same routine you had before you moved and just give your pets time to learn their way around their new home.

For more tips on moving with your pet and what you should do to prepare for that day, contact us. We are here to make your move easier.

Why Apartment Movers Are The Way To Go

If you are moving into an apartment, then hiring apartment movers is definitely an excellent idea for you. Not only are the movers incredibly skilled and experienced with moving into and out of apartments, but they also provide several other benefits for you as well. Here’s why apartment movers are the way to go.

Why Apartment Movers Are The Way To Go

You Have More Time To Pack And Clean

One excellent reason to hire apartment movers is because they give you more time to pack and clean while they are loading and unloading your items. This takes a lot of the responsibility off of your plate, thus making things less stressful for you. This also allows you to pack more carefully, which makes unloading easier for you. You can also spend more time deep cleaning, which increases your chances of getting all of your cleaning deposit back.

Extra Precautions Are Taken 

When you hire apartment movers, they will take the time to ensure that the property is protected before they start moving things in. They will protect the door frames, walls, floors, etc., to ensure that nothing is damaged while they are moving things in. This helps you because you don’t have to worry about part of your deposit being withheld in order to fix these damages when the time comes for you to move out.

You Can Avoid The Stairs 

One of the worst parts about moving into an apartment is the dreaded stairs. Taking items up and down the stairs over and over again can be incredibly tiring and can really take a toll on your body, especially your knees and your back. When you hire a moving service, they will be the ones going up and down the stairs instead of you.

To look into hiring an excellent moving service today, visit us at Brown Box Movers.