Best Places For Retirement In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

A person’s retirement years can be a wonderful new chapter in their life, especially if they take the time to consider what’s really important to them, then find the ideal neighborhood that matches all the items on their retirement wish list.  Some wish list items may include being close to medical care, access to public transportation and/or cultural attractions, as well as outlets for exercise. With these things in mind, consider some of the following options, known for their ability to fulfill what many seniors consider desirable.

Best Places For Retirement In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Heritage Ranch Retirement Community

For those who have always dreamed of rural surroundings for their retirement dream home, yet still want access to cultural amenities, Heritage Ranch may be the perfect community. Located northeast of Dallas, with homes ranging from the mid 200s to the high 500s, Heritage Ranch has a retirement home for every budget. If living within minutes of a championship 18-hole golf course and multiple tennis courts sounds like nirvana, then this may be the retirement community for you.

The Village at Prestonwood

The Village at Prestonwood is a gated, 55+ Active Adult Community that offers low-maintenance senior living in Plano, Texas. Every aspect of this distinctive, Over 55 Retirement Community and it’s one story design is considered from your perspective.

With two and three bedroom floor plans, these homes are open and spacious, featuring a light and bright sunroom with an attached two car garage. You will feel right at home amid gracious landscaping and lovely surroundings.

The Cottages at Lyndhurst

The Cottages at Lyndhurst is a neighborhood in Keller, Texas. The Cottages at Lyndhurst mostly features midsize homes that are competitively priced. This is a well-established community that dates back to 2012, and construction was completed around 2013. Over the top amenities in a community designed for active adults. Walking trails, parks and close to shopping!


If you favor cosmopolitan living with exceptional access to all the best restaurants and cultural activities offered by a large city, Uptown may be the ideal location for you. Located just north of downtown Dallas, Uptown offers an urban feel with plenty of opportunities for entertainment, shopping, dining, and relaxing outdoors in a local park, all of which are available by foot or by public transportation. With homes and apartments ranging from the mid 500s to the low millions, there are options available for almost everyone.

Villas in the Park

Villas in the Park is an active lifestyle community located in Fairview, TX. A community of 227 homes, Villas in the Park has single-family and attached homes that are available on a resale-only basis.

With a community clubhouse, Villas in the Park residents never lack in activities, while the community’s parks creates a scenic backdrop for early morning walks or relaxing on your front porch. Villas in the Park appeals to buyers because of its low-maintenance lifestyle, wonderful amenities, modest homes, and community activities and events.

Watermere at Southlake

Located northwest of downtown Dallas and a mere 20 minutes from Grapevine Lake, is the retirement community of Watermere at Southlake. Homes range from the mid 100s to the high 800s, offering an option for every budget. With all the amenities offered by this beautiful community, one may find little reason to leave although there are many attractions outside the community as well.

Residents can enjoy a state-of-the-art community fitness center, an indoor lap pool, as well as opportunities for yoga and Pilates sessions. There is also a full-service day spa that includes hair and nail services. Watermere offers a full service bar in their clubhouse, on-site restaurants, and much more.

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Why Hiring A Moving Service Is Crucial When You Are Moving From A Commercial Location

If you are moving from one commercial location to another, this is likely a very big undertaking. Because of this, it is in your best interest to hire a moving service to help you out. Here are three reasons why hiring a moving service is crucial when you are moving from a commercial location.

Why Hiring A Moving Service Is Crucial When You Are Moving From A Commercial Location

They Speed Up The Process

One reason why hiring a moving service is so crucial is because they can speed up the process. When it comes to a business, time is of the essence and you want to waste as little of it as possible. Trying to move on your own can be incredibly time-consuming, but hiring someone to help you out can really speed up the process and help you get up and running again that much faster. This is exactly what a moving service can do because they have the manpower and resources to move you quickly.

They Can Avoid Damage From Occurring 

Another great reason to hire a moving service to help you move from your commercial location is because they can help to ensure that damage does not occur during the moving process. They will carefully and skillfully move all of your items using the proper equipment and moving techniques. They will also make sure that they are safely loaded in the moving trucks so that damage does not occur as they are being transported.

You Can Still Focus On Work During The Process 

Rather than putting all of your attention and effort into the move, you can instead still spend your energy working to ensure that your business functions well during this transition. This can help you feel less stressed because you know you are doing all that you can to keep things running as they should, while the movers ensure that your move goes smoothly.

To learn more reasons why hiring a moving service is crucial when you are moving from a commercial location, or to hire a moving service today, visit us at Brown Box Movers.

3 Tips To Prepare For A Moving Service

If you have made the choice to hire a moving service to help you with your move, then you’ve definitely made the right choice. However, you need to make sure that you prepare for the movers in order to make the process a success. Here are three tips to prepare for a moving service.

3 Tips To Prepare For A Moving Service

Separate Important Items From The Rest 

Before the movers come, you want to take the time to separate your important items, such as documents, keepsakes, valuables, etc. These items can then be placed in a safe space that you can keep with you and move on your own. This ensures that these items don’t get lost or damaged in the move and helps you to keep track of them and keep them safe.

Put Your Pets Away 

Another important thing to do is put your pets away. Pets can get in the way when the moving service is trying to pack and load items. Your animals may also get out because the doors will constantly be opening and closing. Planning to put your pets away, or sending them somewhere else, is the best way to go. You can either place them in their kennels, send them to a friend or family member’s home, or even place them in a boarding facility for a couple of days.

Clean Up All Clutter

It can make it hard for the movers to get into your home and help you pack and move boxes if you have clutter all over the place. They may be confused and wonder if they need to pack this clutter, and this can slow down the process a great deal. If you take the time to clean up, organize, and throw away the items that are cluttering your home, this makes things go much more seamlessly when the moving service arrives to help you move.

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Tipping Movers: Your Questions Answered

Moving is a a complex process often full of decisions you’ve never considered before. Does your bedframe disassemble? Can you move a fish tank? And most burning in many minds when your movers are amazing: Should you tip your movers and, if so, how?  We know you have questions and we have answers. Lets dive into the how, when, and why of tipping movers and the best choice for your moving experience.

Tipping Movers: Your Questions Answered

Do I Need to Tip Movers?

No-one needs to tip their movers. Unlike waiting tables, movers are paid full wages without tips. Most people do not tip their movers but it’s also very common for a grateful person or family to want to tip at the end of a good moving experience. Because tipping is not necessary, movers are always feel especially appreciated when clients choose to share a tip.

Should I Tip My Movers?

If you are very satisfied with your move and the work of your movers, you can choose to tip. That said, movers who’ve worked hard to make you happy aren’t doing it for the tip. They’re doing it to see you happy and unstressed at the end of your long and challenging project together. Should you tip your movers? It’s not necessary, but your satisfaction (and budget) might make it the right choice to increase the happiness of you and your team.

How Much Should I Tip Movers?

Standard tipping for movers ranges between $10 and $20 per mover. You can also calculate it as 4-5$ per mover per hour. In other words, passing out $10 or $20 bills at the end of a move is the usual way that movers are tipped.

When Should You Tip Movers?

Always tip at the end of a project. In this way, tipping your movers is like with most other services. The tip shows how happy you are with the move, so be sure you are fully satisfied with the entire move.

Alternate Ways to Thank Your Movers

Finally, if you really want to tip your movers but don’t have the budget after moving, you can share your joy in other ways. A big cooler of lemonade or a case of fridge-chilled soda is a common and much-appreciated way to tip without cash. You can draw a thank-you picture while movers assemble your furniture or just shake each mover’s hand with a warm and heart-felt thanks.

Tipping your movers is never necessary. But if you want to share a gesture of your appreciation, movers love nothing more than to know that their efforts have truly made a customer’s life better, easier, and happier. Whether your tip is in cash or warm words, we will know we’ve done a good job. Contact us for more mover insights or moving services.

3 Great Reasons To Retire In Dallas

If you are looking for a wonderful place in Texas to retire, then you should definitely consider moving to Dallas. This is an area that has a lot to offer the elderly population and you will enjoy a very comfortable retirement. Here are three great reasons to retire i3 Great Reasons To Retire In Dallasn Dallas.


Housing Is Affordable 

One awesome reason to retire in Dallas is because houses are affordable. The median price for a home is $200,000. This makes it possible for you to get a great home that is well within your budget and meets all of your needs and wants. This helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed within your home, and helps you to enjoy it throughout your retirement.

They Have A Great Healthcare System 

Perhaps one of the best reasons to retire in Dallas is the fact that it has an excellent healthcare system. You have easy access to a variety of doctors and specialists that you may need, allowing you to make sure that all of your medical needs are met. You are also incredibly close to hospitals, which can give you a great deal of peace if any emergency medical need were to arise, if you needed surgery, etc.

You Can Find The Transportation You Need

Lastly, retiring in Dallas is an excellent idea because you have access to all the transportation that you need. When it comes to getting to some downtown areas of Dallas, you have several options. You can take the bus, the train, as well as an Uber. This gives you options for getting to where you need to go, even if you don’t like driving or don’t have the ability to drive.

To learn more great reasons to retire in Dallas, or to hire an awesome moving company to move you to Dallas today, visit us at Brown Box Movers.

The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Dallas

Is Moving to Dallas Right for You?

Moving to Dallas is definitely a big decision and one that is likely filled with a lot of thought and emotion for you. There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to moving to Dallas, so you want to make sure that you are well-informed before you get there. This helps you make the best decisions and makes the move a positive one for you. Here are some pros and cons of moving to Dallas.

The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Dallas

Pros of Living in Dallas

Moving to Dallas, TX will provide you and your family with a lot of opportunity. It is a very large city and there are a lot of jobs available to you. This helps you find a career that you desire and move up the ladder. Dallas also has incredible weather most of the year, which allows you to spend a lot of your time outdoors enjoying the sunshine.

Texas doesn’t have state taxes, so this helps you save a great deal of money. This is important when it comes to how much money you make because it increases the amount that you get in each paycheck. Lastly, Dallas has great schools all throughout the area, so you know that your children are going to get a great education, whether they are in primary or secondary school.

The Cons to Consider

Unfortunately, there are also some cons of moving to Dallas. One such con is just how busy it us. It is a very large city, so you will have to deal with a lot of traffic when you are going from place to place within the city. The cost of living is also a bit more compared to other places in Texas, so you need to be prepared to pay a bit more.

Finally, Dallas doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to public transportation, and the options that they do have aren’t the best. Because of this, you should likely plan on driving your own vehicle or finding another way to get around.

To learn more pros and cons of moving to Dallas, or to hire an excellent moving service to help you move to Dallas, visit us today at Brown Box Movers.

3 Important Things That A Move Company Can Provide For You

If you are getting ready to move, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed as to where to start and you may not know the best way to go about moving. Thankfully, there is a lot of help out there for you and hiring a move company is always a great idea. Here are three important things that a moving company can provide you with.

3 Important Things That A Move Company Can Provide For You

Packing Supplies 

Movers can provide you with all the packing supplies that you can possibly need. This includes things like boxes of all different sizes and shapes, plenty of tape for all of your boxes, and labels to place on your boxes. This can help make packing all of your items into boxes very efficient and can help you stay organized in the process.

Moving Equipment

Hiring professional movers also gives you access to all the moving equipment that you need. The movers will bring dollies, sliders, tie-downs, and more to help make sure that all of your larger items are moved with ease. This can also make the process of moving large items a lot safer and can minimize the risk of damage occurring to them during the move. They also provide you with a moving truck to move all of your items to your new location.

Professional Movers 

Lastly, professional movers provide you with their services. They give you the man power that is needed to move all of your items. This means that you don’t have to worry about lifting a thing because the team of movers will take care of this for you. This can make the process go very smoothly for you and help you to simply direct and supervise the task.

If you’d like to learn about more things that a move company can provide you with, or to hire a professional moving service today, visit us at Brown Box Movers.

How to Decide What You’re Bringing to Your New Home

If you’re moving to a new home, not all of your belongings might be coming with you. If you’re downsizing, some of your furniture simply might not fit. If you’re moving to a bigger house to start a family, some of your old belongings may no longer have a place. And if you’re moving across the country, you might decide to cut out some moving logistics by leaving bulky items behind for good. Follow these simple steps to decide what you’re bringing to your new home:

How to Decide What You're Bringing to Your New Home

1. Leave behind anything you’ve been meaning to replace.

If you have items on your list that you know are old, too run down, or not quite right for you, consider donating or selling them instead of bringing them to a new destination. As long as it’s in your budget to replace them, this can be a good impetus to check that off your to-do list.  However, make sure that it’s something you’ve actually been meaning to replace.

2. Picture it in your new home.

Anything that doesn’t have a space in your new home shouldn’t come with you. If you know your oversized couch won’t fit without taking over half the living room, it’s not a good fit. This doesn’t just apply to big pieces of furniture. Home decor, window finishings, and other style-specific items need to have a place in your new home to warrant a place in the moving van.

3. Do you have duplicates?

If you’re moving in with your fiance or a new roommate, take stock of what you both are bringing to your new home. Big, bulky, or unnecessary duplicates are bound to be in your dual collections. Work together to decide who’s bringing what for both of you to share. Remember: communication is key during this step.

4. Is it worth the hassle?

If you’re handling your move entirely by yourself, the sheer effort of packing and moving some items may make the decision for you. But if you want to evaluate your belongings based on their value and future benefits, not just the short-term inconvenience, professional movers can help. Contact us today to let us know about your moving needs, and our team can handle packing and moving your home for you.

Why You Should Hire A Moving Service To Do Your Packing

Why You Should Hire A Moving Service To Do Your Packing

One huge part of moving is packing up all of your items. If this is something that you don’t want to do on your own, then hiring a moving service to do your packing for you is a great solution. Here are three reasons why.

They Provide All The Materials 

Trying to gather and pay for all the packing materials needed to pack up your home can be time-consuming and quite expensive. You not only have to find a variety of boxes to fit all of your different sized items, but you also have to purchase enough tape to close them all up. You may also need to purchase other moving accessories as well, such as markers, labels, tape dispensers, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. When you hire a moving service to do all of your packing for you, they will bring all of necessary supplies and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

They Can Pack Much Faster Than You Can

It is no surprise that a team of workers can pack up your house much faster than you can on your own. Not only is this because there are more people doing the packing, but also because they are skilled workers who know how to divide up the tasks so that they are executed in a very efficient way. This allows you to work on other aspects of your move, or even allows you to move to your new residence before the packing is done.

They Know How To Safely Pack Your Items 

It is crucial that items are packed up properly before they are moved. In order for this time happen, certain precautions must be taken. Moving services are very familiar with these precautions, and they work hard to ensure that your items are safely packed up. They ensure that the items don’t have a great deal of excess room inside the boxes, and they also include packing paper, packing peanuts, and/or bubble wrap with fragile items.

To hire a moving service to do your packing today, visit us at Brown Box Movers.

3 Tips to Take the Moving Fatigue Out of Apartment Moving

Nowadays, moving apartments can be a pleasant experience rather than a chore. As long as you have your tickets booked and have a place to stay where you feel comfortable, you can leave the apartment moving up to the movers and see the sights in the city you’re moving to. With all the time and moving fatigue you save by hiring movers, you can take more time to get to know your new colleagues or friends. Here are some tips to make apartment moving easy and fun:

3 Tips to Take the Fatigue Out of Apartment Moving

Finding a New Apartment

You can consider finding a new apartment even before you move to your new city. This will help you cut down on hotel expenses. And with the money you save, you can do some sightseeing or shopping in the city you’re moving to.

Plus, you always have a lot more space in your own place than you do in a hotel, and you’ll be surrounded by all the conveniences of living at home as soon as your movers bring your things over. Within a couple of days, you’ll be able to cook a nice dinner, watch a movie or hook up to the internet and get some work done.

Take Everything You Need

There are people who believe in throwing out a number of things before they begin their move. But it’s usually a lot more convenient to take everything that you’re accustomed to using throughout the day.

You’ll obviously be taking your clothing, toiletries and other personal articles.  But if there are certain pieces of furniture that you feel attached to or that you’re most comfortable in, make sure you take those too.  Sure, you may be able to find furniture in the city you’re moving to, but you may not find anything as comfortable as your favorite chair anytime soon.

Get Some Rest

Moving apartments can be taxing, even if you have the help of apartment movers. You’ll have to travel and live in an unfamiliar environment. Plus, you’ll also have to start work soon. It can be easy to skimp on sleep, eat unhealthy, and skip your workouts during this process.

Instead, make sure you take some time out once you’re done with the move. Just read a book, if nothing else. And try to treat your body well by eating healthy and going for a walk or to the gym. You’ll feel a lot better and more settled in your new surroundings if you take care of yourself.

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