3 Checklist Items When Moving Out of an Apartment

Moving is always a stressful endeavor. It can be even more complicated if you’re in a hurry and moving from an apartment complex. The best way to make sure your belongings are safely packed and shipped with a professional moving company. Here are three checklist items you’ll need when moving out of an apartment:

3 Checklist Items When Moving Out of an Apartment

1. Don’t rely on apartment services to dispose of your unwanted furniture or large items.

If you live in an apartment, you have fewer options for leaving your unwanted furniture on the side of the curb so an interested party can grab it for free. You also often can’t throw larger objects in the communal garbage bin. Sometimes apartment leases explicitly prohibit this and having to do so can but your deposit at risk. Instead, work out the details ahead of time. Find a shipping company who can move the unwanted furniture for you or call your local Salvation Army.

2. Evaluate how your floor level changes your packing and moving itinerary.

If you’re on the first floor of your apartment complex, it’s a lot easier to load up your belongings on a dolly and roll them out the front door. But being on the second floor and higher changes things. Many complexes only have rail stairs along the front of the buildings, which means your items will need to be picked up and carried down the steps. If you have an elevator, that size restriction means your furniture might still need to be manually moved downstairs. Plan accordingly so you don’t injure yourself or damage your belongings.

3. Schedule the moving window based on your communal parking.

If you’re hiring a larger truck, make sure there’s room for it. This could be mean getting special clearance from the administrative office or schedule your time slot for less popular hours.

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