3 Ways Movers Can Help Improve the Odds of Getting Your Deposit Back

It’s a stereotype, but it’s true: you have to fight to get your deposit back when you’re moving out of your apartment. There’s a good reason for this: even the most diligent tenants cause wear and tear. But if you’ve kept the place in great condition and you’ve followed all the rules, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t expect at least part of it back.

3 Ways Movers Can Help Improve the Odds of Getting Your Deposit Back

But don’t let the last few days of your lease ruin your damage-free streak. Here’s how movers can help.

1. Don’t risk damage to the walls or flooring.

When you move your furniture by yourself, there’s a chance it will scrape against your walls or your flooring. There’s no easy way to clean up that damage, and your landlord will certainly notice when they inspect your apartment. But professional movers work in teams to keep in heavy, bulky furniture under control. Movers also have the tools to protect the floors from damage as your belongings are moved to the truck.

2. Get everything moved offsite.

Many apartments frown on tenants throwing away large items or leaving furniture on the curb for others to claim. Doing this can violate part of your lease. At the very least, your landlord won’t be in the mood to give you a fair negotiation in getting your deposit back. So ask if your moving company also does junk removal so you can get everything squared away by your moving date.

3. Our team can provide move out cleaning.

Moves are hectic and stressful, so you might not have time to thoroughly clean your apartment once everything has been moved out. But, even though your landlord is going to have the apartment cleaned again before showing it to tenants, a clean apartment is essential for getting your deposit back. Brown Box Movers offers move out cleaning services so your apartment is gleaming during that crucial last inspection.

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