Moving Hacks: 4 Helpful Moving Tips

The process of moving is one that nobody enjoys. Am I right? Today we are going to be sharing some of the best moving hacks that will make your life easier during your next move. Jot down some of your favorites or bookmark this article to revisit later when you are preparing for your voyage. Moving Hacks: 4 Helpful Moving Tips

Moving Hacks: 4 Helpful Moving Tips

Hack #1… Color Code Your Boxes

This is a very similar concept to labeling, however, it will make your boxes much easier to identify. Purchase different color duct tapes for different rooms. Leave a different color in each room of your old home as you are packing. When you get to the new house you can quickly identify which room the boxes belong in. You can still include labels but now you don’t have to write “kitchen” on your boxes, be more specific and write “drink ware” or “small appliances”.

Bonus Tip: If you have a difficult time peeling up that sticky duct tape and opening boxes, add a piece of string to the end of your taped box. When you need to open the box, all you will have to do is pull the string up to get the taped end free.

Hack #2… FREE Boxes

Sometimes it seems easier to run to the nearest store and purchase your moving boxes, but most boxes will cost at least $1 per box (if not more). That would add up quick, yikes! Instead of purchasing boxes for the move, start with what you already have at home that is getting moved to your new house already. Pack some of your stuff in the following places:

  • Luggage Sets
  • Duffel Bags or Backpacks
  • Laundry Baskets

And, don’t forget to pay a visit to your local grocery store (or any store, for that matter) to ask for FREE boxes. Many grocery stores will break down boxes and dispose of them. They are usually happy to pass along boxes to those asking. If you work in an office environment or at a school and go through a lot of paper, save the boxes that the paper reams come in. They’re ideal for moving as they have lids, hold up to 20 pounds, and have strong handles.

Hack #3… DIY Handles

Speaking of handles – if any of those free boxes you received do not have handles, consider making your own. Simply use scissors or a box cutter to create a rectangle on each side. Your handles will be even more durable if you add some duct tape around the edges.

Hack #4… Don’t Buy Bubble Wrap

Well, at least, don’t buy as much bubble wrap. Save money (and space) by using things you already have to wrap up fragile items. For example, if you have scarves, sheets, or towels that need to be moved to the new house already – use those items to wrap up your fragile items and keep them protected.

For even move moving tips or for assistance “lightening your load”, do not hesitate to contact us today! Brown Box Movers can help get the job done.

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