Call a Junk Removal Service After Cleaning Out Your Garage

You don’t have to be about to move to want to clean out your garage. Over the years, it can become the place where old furniture, old boxes, and even broken tools and toys accumulate. Empty it out this month to give yourself some more breathing room. But don’t just restrict your options to organizing everything in your garage. Remove the junk with some help from a junk removal service. Call a Junk Removal Service After Cleaning Out Your Garage!  It’s better than handling it on your own because:

Call a Junk Removal Service After Cleaning Out Your Garage

1. Your city has volume and material restrictions.

The amount of trash you can remove from your house each week is limited to the size of your garbage and recycling bins. Depending on your city’s programs, they may also haul away old appliances with enough notice. But that doesn’t help you clear out everything in your garage. Even removing everything yourself to the city dump might not be the answer; residents are often only allowed to get rid of so many pounds or cubic feet per month. Hire a service so you can clean out everything at once.

2. Don’t get your car dirty.

Your garage doesn’t keep everything it stores clean. Everything will be covered with a thin layer of dirt and dust by the time you haul it out onto the driveway. It could have a few bugs or signs of a rodent’s burrow depending on how long it’s been in your garage. You don’t have to let any of that near your own car when you hire a removal service.

3. Don’t worry about taking multiple trips.

Passenger cars aren’t built to carry a lot of boxes and old furniture. Hire a truck where you can fit everything in a single trip. The easier it is to get rid of the stuff you no longer want, the easier it is to clean out your garage once and for all. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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