Your Last Tenant Trashed the Property: Now What?

Not every tenant is going to end their lease on a pleasant note, no matter what type of properties you invest in. Sometimes they’ll cause damage to the actual structure, or they might leave before the lease is up or before they pay the rent. Some tenants will even leave the property full of their belongings.

Your Last Tenant Trashed the Property: Now What?

But every second you don’t have a tenant in place, you’re losing money. Here’s how a local moving company can help:

1. Get the valuables moved to a storage unit.

Depending on what the tenant left behind, you might have to hold it for a certain period of time. This obligation is more common for commercial properties than residences, but you might run across an abandoned home office with private customer records. Your tenant might have also abandoned valuable tools and equipment that you can claim.

Instead of dealing with it at the property, have everything of potential valuable (or potential obligation) moved to a storage unit.

2. Have the junk hauled away.

Everything else that your tenant left behind is in the way. Your contractors can’t start repainting the walls, replacing the carpet, or performing repairs until it’s gone. Once you have it tossed into boxes, call a moving company that also does junk removal. Even if you have a truck, you might not have time to haul loads away yourself. City dumps also put caps on how much you can drop off. Junk removal teams can also help with bulky furniture that isn’t worth saving.

3. Third-party teams help you stay on schedule.

The faster the property is repaired and ready for an open house, the better. If your last tenant just abandoned the property, your hands are probably full of legal concerns and paperwork. So hire movers to help you get more done faster.

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