3 Tips To Prepare For A Moving Service

If you have made the choice to hire a moving service to help you with your move, then you’ve definitely made the right choice. However, you need to make sure that you prepare for the movers in order to make the process a success. Here are three tips to prepare for a moving service.

3 Tips To Prepare For A Moving Service

Separate Important Items From The Rest 

Before the movers come, you want to take the time to separate your important items, such as documents, keepsakes, valuables, etc. These items can then be placed in a safe space that you can keep with you and move on your own. This ensures that these items don’t get lost or damaged in the move and helps you to keep track of them and keep them safe.

Put Your Pets Away 

Another important thing to do is put your pets away. Pets can get in the way when the moving service is trying to pack and load items. Your animals may also get out because the doors will constantly be opening and closing. Planning to put your pets away, or sending them somewhere else, is the best way to go. You can either place them in their kennels, send them to a friend or family member’s home, or even place them in a boarding facility for a couple of days.

Clean Up All Clutter

It can make it hard for the movers to get into your home and help you pack and move boxes if you have clutter all over the place. They may be confused and wonder if they need to pack this clutter, and this can slow down the process a great deal. If you take the time to clean up, organize, and throw away the items that are cluttering your home, this makes things go much more seamlessly when the moving service arrives to help you move.

To learn more tips for preparing for a moving service, or to hire a moving service today, visit us at Brown Box Movers.

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