3 Rules for Moving with Pets

Moving can be a stressful and exhausting time for everyone involved, including pets. Here are three rules to follow when moving with pets that will help ensure that they are comfortable, less stressed, and safe during the moving process.

3 Rules for Moving with Pets

Safety First

Safety is always a number one priority during the moving process. Moving involves moving large items like furniture and appliances. Make sure the pet is secured in a room or an area where they can’t be in the path of the movers. If someone carrying a dresser trips on the cat or dog, it could cause serious injury to not only the mover but also the pet. This can be easily avoided by making sure the pet(s) are in a safe location during the move.

Also, when traveling with pets during a move, make sure they aren’t in a confined space or a space not intended for an animal to occupy. Make room for them. Make it safe. Make sure there are no large objects that might fall on them. Never transport an animal in the back of a moving van or other vehicle used for the move, Those areas of large vehicles get very hot and also pose a significant risk to the pet of being injured by falling or shifting items during travel.


If moving long distances, it can be easy for your pet to be extremely uncomfortable, confused and even scared. Make sure the pet has a comfortable place to rest in the vehicle, and maybe even have someone (if possible), sit near them or with them during the trip. Having someone to pet them or accompany them for the trip should ease the stress the pet is experiencing. Also, remember to bring a few treats for the ride!


Stress, frustration, and anxiety are all emotions we may experience when moving. Don’t forget that the pet may experience them as well! Don’t rush the move-in or move-out process, be patient. Hurrying can cause injury to yourself and a pet. If your pet is confused and scared, they may not act like their typical self, so be patient with them.

By following these three steps while moving, you can be more confident that both you and your pet is going to be safe, have less stress and anxiety while being as comfortable as possible during the entire process.

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