Packing Tips So All Your Stuff Stays In One Piece

You may not think you have a lot of stuff, but then you have to move and you realize—I have a lot of stuff! There’s a lot to do when moving, and packing is just one of the very annoying things you’d rather put off until the last minute. If you procrastinate, you run the risk of just jamming everything into boxes, which increases the likelihood that some will break or get ruined during the move. Here are 5 packing tips to make your life easier and make sure all your stuff stays in one piece.

Packing Tips So All Your Stuff Stays In One Piece

1. Small Box For Heavy Items 

It may be your first instinct to get a large box and just chuck everything in—especially larger items. Don’t. Large boxes that are packed to the brim with things, specifically heavy items like books, make for nearly immovable objects. Worse the boxes will likely tear while moving. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes as that will be much easier to carry.

2. Pillows, Blankets, Towels

Light items like pillows, blankets, and towels can all be put in larger boxes, as they will not way down the box and be easy to carry. Alternatively, you can use pillows, blankets, and towels as padding to protect fragile items. Place the lighter items at the bottom and edges of the box and place your delicate items in the center to protect from damage during the move.

3. Toiletries 

You will most likely need your toiletries on the first night at your new place. To make them easily accessible pack your toiletries in clear plastic bins. Additionally, before packing your toiletries, place saran wrap on the openings of your toiletries and then put the tops back on. This will keep your toiletries from spilling and creating a mess.

4. Room By Room 

When packing go room by room. If you have procrastinated and are now in a rush to pack, you should still pack room by room. This method guarantees you don’t leave anything behind and will make unpacking at your new place so much easier!

5. Plastic Wrap 

Besides boxes, plastic wrap is your best tool when moving. You can use plastic wrap to pack delicate items, secure boxes, and even group together items that can’t fit in a box. You can also use plastic wrap on your furniture to protect from scratches or to keep drawers from opening during the move

If you would like to learn more packing and moving tips or are in need of professional movers, contact us.

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