Apartment Moving Tips for First-Time Roommates

Congratulations on deciding to move in together. This is a huge step forward in your relationship. Before you pack, consider these tips. They will help keep the process smooth and enjoyable for both of you. Let’s discuss some apartment moving tips for first-time roommates.

Apartment Moving Tips for First-Time Roommates

What to Consider when Apartment Hunting

There are a few questions and considerations to discuss during your apartment hunt.

  • What is your budget? Plan for not just rent, but utilities and fun. Make sure you stick to your budget when hunting. You want to enjoy your place without worrying about bills.
  • Is there a location that is more important? For this question consider your commute. Do either of you have a car or do you plan on walking?
  • What does the neighborhood have? Scout out the neighborhood around your potential apartments. Talk to friends in the area about the crime rate.

Pack it or Sell it

Once you find your first apartment together, it’s time to decide what to bring. This is home for both of you, make sure everyone is comfortable.

  • Go through your household goods. If there are doubles, consider selling one set. You can use the extra money for decor or fun.
  • As you decide what you’re bringing, pack it. Clearly, label each box.
  • Give yourselves plenty of time for this process.
  • Once you decide what to sell, hold a moving sale. You can enjoy your profits or save them for the future.

Staying Excited During the Moving Process

The thought of moving in together is exciting. The actual process may seem exhausting, but the work is worth it. Keep each other excited during the process.

  • Shop together for decor. Make it a date! Have fun with the shopping.
  • Make a dream list together. What do you want to do after you move in?
  • Take a night and don’t think about the move. Remove the stress with a move free night. This will get you excited and re-energized.
  • Celebrate after you complete the process. This is your place now, enjoy it!

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