3 Moving Strategies to Alleviate Stress on Move-In Day

Moving into a new apartment can seem like a daunting task. We have three moving strategies to share that can easily be implemented prior to move-in day to help alleviate the stress associated with moving.

3 Moving Strategies to Alleviate Stress on Move-In Day

Make a Plan for the Day

A good way to alleviate stress on moving day is to take some time before the move to schedule the day. The first step is getting a quote for the move. After you have a quote, you can decide what time you want to begin the move. Having a schedule can help you stay on track and ensure that the day progresses as it should.

Pack an “Essentials Box”

In the “Essentials Box” include items that you will need within the first twenty-four hours of living in your new apartment. Items you may want to include in your “Essentials Box” include medications, electronics, or chargers. Either keep this box with you or request that it is packed last so that it is the first box unloaded.

Make Moving Box Labels

Once your moving boxes are full, it is sometimes difficult to remember which items are in each box. Labeling the boxes with the contents of each box is an option, but is a tedious task. Our suggestion is to take time before the move to plan what you need in each room of your apartment. Once you have devised this plan, try to pack the items for each room into similar boxes. You can then make labels that read “Living Room” or “Kitchen” instead of listing the contents of the entire box.

When move-in day arrives, this will also assure that your boxes are in the correct room and you will not have to relocate them later.

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