Movers Bring More Than Manpower When Moving Furniture Upstairs

Stairs are dangerous when you’re moving heavy furniture. No matter how safely you can carry a bulky box to the parking lot or how you and a friend have moved the sofa before, stairs force you to carry heavy objects awkwardly and they redistribute the weight in a way that is risky for both the participants and the objects being moved. If your apartment is on upstairs or you’re moving into a two-story house, make sure you hire professional movers.

Movers Bring More Than Manpower When Moving Furniture Upstairs

Why should you hire movers to carry things up and down stairs?

  1. Movers know how to carry things. It might seem a bit odd to think about, but there’s a right and a wrong way to carry even light objects. Movers know how to hold breakables to minimize the risk of damage, and they know how to hold furniture when it’s being moved levelly, when it’s going upstairs, and when it’s going downstairs. They also know when it’s time to use equipment.
  2. Movers have access to a variety of belts and hand carts. There’s a wider range of tools used in moving furniture and home goods than most people see in stores. Movers also have invested in secure hand carts with brakes and pads to carry things up and down stairs without damaging either the load or the surface.

Take advantage of movers’ tools and know-how to move your belongings. Even if you don’t want to have movers handle everything, hire a reliable group to handle both the heaviest things and to move things between stories. If you’re worried about the price tag, go to Brown Box Movers here for an estimate.

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