Strategies for Clearing Clutter

The New Year represents a time of new beginnings, and everyone starts out with high hopes for doing better in the upcoming months. Yet, sticking to your resolutions sometimes means asking for help getting started. Choosing to get more organized is a great place to start for improving your living space, and these tips will help you take those first steps toward finally handling your junk removal. Clearing out the clutter in the New Year can be as easy as the steps below:

Strategies for Clearing Clutter

Categorize By Priority

Take a stack of sticky notes and begin marking the things that you actually care about around your home. For example, family heirlooms such as furniture or paintings should be marked for keeping. As you prioritize, really think about what you use on a daily basis or has true meaning to your life.

Set Goals

When your house is full of clutter, it helps to keep your perspective by focusing on specific areas. Deciding to clear out your garage or attic space is a great place to start since many items in those areas can quickly be removed to clear out a large amount of space. Alternatively, you may just need to clear out a spare room. Either way, focusing on a specific goal gives you instant gratification when it is complete.

Create an Action Plan

Decluttering requires serious decisions about what to remove and where to take the items. You may also encounter barriers such as being unable to move furniture on your own or handle so much work. Creating an action plan before you get started will help you avoid barriers such as becoming overwhelmed by specific tasks that could cause you to stop mid-project.

Getting your house in order will lead to more opportunities for better health and happiness. Our professional team can quickly handle your junk removal so that you can focus on organization so contact us today, and we’ll help you get started.

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