How to Prepare Your Refrigerator for Your Move

When you want to move to a new house, all you want is for the move to be as smooth as possible. Moving requires a lot of preparation, even if you plan on hiring movers.

Packing and securing everything, including things in the kitchen and pantry, is easy. You should be more concerned about getting appliances like refrigerators ready for the move. It’s no easy task, and it’s best to plan ahead of time to protect your investment.

How to Prepare Your Refrigerator for Your Move

Preparing Your Refrigerator for Your Move

If you don’t move your refrigerator correctly, you risk damaging the appliance. To prepare your refrigerator for moving, you will need to;

Defrost at least 24 hours earlier and clean your refrigerator

Refrigerators require earlier preparation for transportation by defrosting them a day earlier. Most moving companies will refuse to move a refrigerator that has just been unplugged and is not ready for moving. After defrosting, clean your refrigerator with a clean towel, mild soap, and water.

Remove interior trays

Remove detachable trays, clean and dry them then wrap them separately. It will minimize the risk of damage to the interior of your refrigerator.

Empty your refrigerator

We insist that you defrost your refrigerator before moving. It is necessary to plan your meals weeks before the move to clear food in the fridge and lessen the amount of food that will go to waste. Leaving unsecured foods and items inside the refrigerator can be messy.

Take measurements of your doors and the refrigerator

Before moving, take measurements of your refrigerator and doorways to ensure you can maneuver the fridge through the spaces.

Wrap your refrigerator in professional packing

Consider investing in professional packing materials to protect your refrigerator from dents, scratches, and damage to the internal mechanisms.

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