Keep Your Pet Safe on Moving Day

Moving day can be stressful for your pet. It is important to make the big day go smoothly for everyone by making plans for your furry companions. Here are some helpful tips to consider when planning your move.

Keep Your Pet Safe on Moving Day


Pack up all of your pet’s essentials in a “Go-Bag” that is easily accessible and ready to go. Food, leashes, kitty litter and scoop, doggy poop bags for those roadside potty breaks, medication, and vaccination records are all good to have on hand on the road. Have your “Go-Bag” by the front door or loaded in the car in advance.


Give them a quiet space. Keep your pet in a quiet room that is familiar and comfortable. Provide them with their favorite toys, their bed, even some soft music in the background can be helpful. Don’t forget their food and water! It is important to keep them contained on moving day to keep them from being underfoot and to prevent them from running out an open door. The raucous and activity on moving day can cause anxiety in pets, making their behavior unpredictable. Keep them and your movers safe by securing them in a quiet place.


Transport them in a vehicle they are familiar with. Place them in a kennel if they are used to being in one, or let them ride shotgun if that is their usual spot. Now is not the time to try anything new! Be sure to take plenty of potty and play breaks along the way.


Give them some time to get comfortable in their new home and get back to your usual routines as quickly as possible. If your dog is used to a morning walk every day, keep that routine going. The comfort of routine will help them settle in quickly. Spend some extra time with them playing, snuggling, or whatever your pet likes best. They look to you for comfort and security. Safety-wise, don’t forget to update your pet’s identification tags, micro-chip (if they have one), and check the rules regarding registration and leash laws in your new community.

While moving with a pet can seem daunting right now, pretty soon you will both be settled in and loving the new home.

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