3 Apartment Moving Tips To Save You Serious Time and Effort

Moving isn’t easy. In fact, if you’re not prepared, apartment moving can be downright miserable. Which is why, before you start emptying your closets and taking down your pictures, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got a few stress saving tricks up your sleeve.

3 Apartment Moving Tips To Save You Serious Time and Effort

3 Moving Tips To Save You Serious Time and Energy

Tip #1: Label Box Contents Clearly

We all know to write kitchen or bedroom on our boxes, but sometimes it can take a lot of boxes to pack up a particular part of your home. So, instead, be specific as to the contents of a box. Write dishes or sheets on the outside, and make a list. That way when you’re looking for something specific you aren’t digging through a dozen different boxes trying to find the right one.

Tip #2: Pack Ahead

We all have stuff we don’t use that often, and if you know you’re moving then you should pack that stuff first. If you’re moving in the spring, for instance, then you can pack all your winter stuff up so it’s ready to go. If you have a guest room, break it down completely. By the time you get close to the moving date, you should be down to the stuff you actually use on a regular basis, which can be packed up quickly.

Tip #3: Wrap Your Breakables in Clothes

Rather than adding a hundred pounds to your load with packing peanuts and newspaper, pack your breakable things (dishes, glasses, etc.) in your clothes. A soft sweater can pad your dishes easily, and it cuts down on the amount of space your stuff takes up. The same is true of blankets, sheets, and pillows. Use them as padding when you can.

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