5 Alternatives to Cheap Cardboard Boxes for Your Next Move

When you start packing for a big move, don’t stop at your local big box store to pick up a pack of cardboard boxes. Unless they’re made with a high-quality design, they can rip, collapse, or fall apart in the middle of transportation. Instead, keep your belongings safe with these five alternatives to cheap cardboard boxes for your next move:

5 Alternatives to Cheap Cardboard Boxes for Your Next Move

1. Furniture Drawers

Whether you leave your dresser and cabinet drawers in the pieces of furniture or not, they offer a lot of storage space. By carefully packing up the space, you can cut down the stress of unpacking when you get to your new home. Just be sure you tell your movers so they can adequately reinforce the doors to keep them shut.

2. Plastic Totes

Every home collects plastic boxes. Everything from small plastic shoe boxes to crates and long under-the-bed storage boxes is perfect for carefully fragile belongings. Most plastic containers are built to survive weight, changing temperatures, and moisture without breaking down.

3. Lawn Plastic Bags

Big plastic bags are perfect for clothes, pillows, and linens. Not only can they carry a lot of weight, but you also get more of a warning when they’re about to give than you do with cardboard boxes. They can also keep water out so long as you tie the top.

4. Suitcases

Suitcases are built to protect the contents inside. Use sturdy, reinforced luggage to transport heavy dishes and cookware. You can also have every family member pack a suitcase full of what they need until everything is settled in your new home.

5. Boxes from Your Moving Company

At the end of the day, it’s hard to organize a move without using any cardboard boxes at all. So use the ones sold by your preferred moving company. They’re staking their reputation on those boxes, and they often have clearly displayed weight ranges so you can pack safely.

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