Simple Tips to Make Commercial Moving Easier

When it comes time to move your business from one place to the other, things are a lot more complicated than a residential move. You need things to go as smoothly as possible so you can resume normal operations to retain profitability. To help you have an easier commercial moving experience, we’ve compiled the following tips.

Simple Tips to Make Commercial Moving Easier

Commercial Moving Tips

  • Have a plan in place before starting your move.
  • Move your most important assets and financial documents first, and keep them separated so there is no risk of losing them.
  • Start the process early, so you have plenty of time to transfer operations from one place to the next.
  • Invest in the proper packing supplies. Don’t just throw things into whatever boxes you can find.
  • Label everything as you go so it can be found easily later.
  • Consider donating any items you no longer need. Moving is the perfect time to clean out old office equipment or supplies.
  • Disassemble any office furniture (like chairs) you can, and package the parts in bubble wrap to avoid damage.
  • Take extra care when package large office supplies like printers, computers, etc. Add extra padding to packaging to avoid damage, and label the boxes with a warning.
  • Package cables up appropriately. Don’t just throw them into a box and let them get tangled. Take the time to coil each one before holding it together with a rubber band.
  • Always make sure you insure your most valuable assets prior to the move. While it doesn’t happen often, valuable items can be damaged or misplaced during a move.
  • Hire a professional commercial moving company to help alleviate some of the stress and increase moving speed. Hiring professionals will also cut down on the risk of mistakes occurring, because commercial moving is literally what they’re experts in.

For more information on commercial moving or to hire a professional commercial moving company, contact us today. 

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