3 Ways Moving Companies Can Help When You Need to Stage Properties

If you have more than two or three residential rental units, it might become a worthwhile investment to start to stage properties by yourself. Tenants rotate in and out of rental units, but they rarely do so simultaneously. So start building a collection of furniture. Here’s how a moving company can help reduce your turnover time across multiple units:

3 Ways Moving Companies Can Help When You Need to Stage Properties

1. Have movers bring in furniture the second interior improvements are complete.

There’s a lot to do between every round of tenants. Even if you’re not making structural improvements or modifications, it may be time to replace the carpet or add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Schedule a time for a moving company to bring in your furniture and boxes of decor for immediate staging so you can get the property off the market quickly.

2. Try different furniture sets in different houses to see what gets you new tenants faster.

What you use to stage properties drastically impacts who’s interested and how long it takes for a new tenant to sign on. Once you have the pieces to mix and match the style of your rooms and property, it’s important to know what combination gets you the fastest or best results. A moving company can help pack everything up and move the furniture to the next property (and vice versa) so you can test without losing time.

3. Pack the furniture back into storage when you don’t need it.

Hopefully, your staging furniture will spend a lot of time in storage. A moving company can help get it there so there are fewer delays between the signing and the new tenants’ move-in day. Professional movers also know the best tips for preserving furniture and decor during long periods of storage.

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