Take the Guessing Out of Moving

In order to take the guessing out of moving one must begin at the packing process. In order to make your move as easy as a transition as possible consider all of your packing options. Take the most efficient way and use plastic totes as well as packing boxes.

Take the Guessing Out of MovingThere are benefits as well as disadvantages to using plastic totes when moving. The real benefits of clear plastic totes, however, come after the move is over. Packing boxes are sturdy and stack in a moving truck better than totes. However, even if clear plastic totes don’t stack as well on the truck, they provide a level of recognition packing boxes can’t deliver. Using both during a move provides both the family and your DFW moving company a better moving experience.

When to Use Packing Boxes

The internet is full of moving tips for packing and labeling packing boxes. The possessions you really need packing boxes for are the heavy things like books, plates and flateware. Brown Box Movers can provide bubble wrap for the dishes, boxes with rods for hanging suits and formal long dresses. You can even hang your chandeliers from those rods. These stack well on the truck without securing them.

Packing boxes are good for the things in the storage shed and the garage. The rakes, hoes, shovels and other gardening tools will have to go into the trunk of the car, because to date no box has been constructed for their storage. However, if you absolutely must carry with you the half-full paint cans and other paraphernalia found in garages, then packing boxes are your best bet. They, too, need to go in the car, because no moving companies will not allow things like that or chemicals on their trucks. We’re no exception.

It’s always good to re-pack boxes from the basement and/or attic. You can imagine the surprise upon opening boxes in the new house when you realize you’ve taken along a furry little hitch-hiker from the old one. Additionally, it’s a good idea to re-pack these things every now and again in order to prevent mold and mildew from spring rains from damaging papers, pictures, cloth and other things stored in basements. Summer humidity can sometimes damage things stored in attics. When you’re ready to begin, we have plenty of boxes.

When to Use Plastic Totes

You’ll need plastic totes to take the guessing out of moving. Things like cables for the entertainment system and all the computers should go in clear totes so you’ll know what they are. Important items for your first day in the new house should go in clear totes for the obvious reasons.

You’ll want to pack your bathroom things into clear totes. Whatever will make your first day in the new house easier and smoother will go into totes. The kids’ clothes and shoes for a couple days, the favorite books, DVDs, stuffed toys and such will go into the totes.

When these are emptied, you will want to use them for storage in the new basement or attic. They will be a better bet for keeping moisture away from your important papers and things. Delicate things requiring storage such as collector trains, ceramic or porcelain dolls, antiques, rare vintage books and other collectibles will require airtight packing to preserve them until the proper showcasing furniture is set up.

Need to stow your stuff until the new house is ready? Got junk and nowhere to put it? Have a broken leg or arm and can’t pack? Not a problem! We’ll provide the boxes and bins. We’ll even pack them for you if you so wish. We’ll store them safely and securely until you need them. Please contact Brown Box Movers to learn more!

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