5 Tips for Moving Seniors to a New Residence

5 Tips for Moving Seniors to a New Residence

After retirement, many older adults prefer to move to a senior residential community where they can enjoy more opportunities for socialization without the hassles of home maintenance. However, moving seniors can be a daunting task when they have accumulated a lifetime of cherished belongings. As you prepare for your loved one’s big move, use these tips to keep it stress-free.

1. Know What They Need

Senior residential communities can vary significantly regarding the types of belongings a person may need to bring. For example, many assisted living facilities encourage seniors to bring their furniture to increase their level of comfort. Yet, it may not be possible to fit an entire home’s worth of furniture into a small apartment. Knowing what the senior can bring will help ease the process of downsizing.

2. Sort and Organize

The process of paring down a senior’s belongings should always be done with empathy and compassion. Over the years, your loved one has memories attached to their belongings, and they may have heirlooms that require special consideration. Begin by sorting out the items that your loved one will be taking with them, and then designate the rest to be donated, tossed or placed into storage.

3. Make Plans for Moving Day

When the big day arrives, it is important to have every detail planned for so that your loved one does not experience any anxiety. Packing, transporting and setting up a senior’s new residence involves a lot of work that can be stressful for seniors and their families. For this reason, a full-service moving company is ideal since they can handle everything from protecting valuables to finishing the move with junk removal and cleanup.

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