5 Tips for Moving With a Pet

Moving with a pet poses unique challenges. Pets have specific needs, and most find change hard. Here are a few tips for moving with a pet.

5 Tips for Moving With a Pet

Go to a Vet

Before moving, go to a vet to get advice. Find out how you can help your pet adapt and how to make the move easier for it. Ask them if they can recommend any vets in your new neighborhood.

Make sure you and your pet are prepared for the move. Get a kennel to transport your pet in. Pack some essentials for your pet in a separate bag and take it with you. Make sure you’re stocked up on pet food.

Keep Your Pet Out of the Action

On moving day, keep your pet away from the action. The hustle and bustle of a move will likely scare and agitate it. Instead, keep it in a separate quiet room or at a friend’s house. Transport your pet with you to your new home in a quiet and comfortable vehicle and kennel.

Help Your Pet Adjust

Your pet needs time to adjust to its new surroundings. Try keeping the daily schedule your pet had in your previous apartment, including eating, sleeping and walking times. Give it its favorite toys and playthings. And finally, smother your pet with plenty of love and attention.

Hire a Professional Moving Service

Moving with a pet is a hassle, and you’ll need moving help. Get a professional moving service to help you out. When the task of moving your possessions is taken care of, you’ll be able to focus on taking care of your pet.

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