Furniture Moving Strategies To Keep Everyone Safe

During a move, one of the biggest concerns is how to safely lift and transport heavy furniture. Although it may seem simple enough to move that dresser from one side of a room to another, it can be an entirely different story when you must load it onto a truck or move it upstairs. As you plan your move, use these furniture moving strategies to keep everyone safe.

Furniture Moving Strategies To Keep Everyone Safe

Tall Furniture Equals a Two-Person Job

Tall cabinets and dressers are awkward to move, and even lightweight ones can be tricky. For this reason, you should always have a second person help move any furniture that is taller than your height. Then, have one person hold their end low while the other holds it high. This angle makes it possible to maneuver over steps with more control.

Use the Hook Method To Maneuver Around Corners

Oversized chairs can be a pain to fit through doorways. However, you can work with another person to lift and turn the chair into an l-shape. This will allow you to move the feet through the doorway as you turn slightly. You can also use this method with large desks and other pieces of furniture that have long legs.

Stay Safe with Lift Straps

Lifting straps provide an extra bit of leverage when you are needing to move large and bulky pieces of furniture such as safes. There are several different types of straps available that can be worn on your body or attached to another object for stability. By using these, you can prevent muscle strains or injuries from a dropped object.

There is no way around it, moving furniture is hard. If you prefer to avoid the heavy lifting, contact us today so our moving professionals can carry the load safely and let you focus on settling into your new home.

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