Moving & Packing With Kids

Moving & Packing With Kids

Whether they move but once or 52 times in their childhood, moving and relocating with your offspring is almost inevitable. It’s never easy. Between the stress of changing utilities and transitioning the children from one home to another, you might feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be a chore though. These tips will make it easier:

Moving & Packing

If the children are little, pack their stuff behind their backs. If they see the long-buried toys, they will play with them and forget about packing. They are also inclined to unpack what you pack. It is just faster to work without the under-10 set underfoot.

On the other hand, if the child is over 10, they can be immensely helpful. Letting them pack their own small items lets them feel more in control of something that is rearranging their life. They should also be allowed to decorate their own room once they get to their new home. All this will take the work off your hands, and it will eliminate the arguments an older kid can present over what should be packed.

It is one thing to let your kid do some decorating in their own room, but they can’t really help with the bigger jobs of moving in heavy things. You will be moving big furniture with sharp edges that might jab the children, and the children might get stepped on as you maneuver bulky items around. It might help to pack the big things while the child is somewhere else, possibly at the relatives or school.

Pack For Kids’ Comfort

Make sure to keep the children’s favorite toys and snacks with the children or on top of all the other items. This will mean that you don’t have to dig through everything when the children get restless and hungry. They can keep their security blankets with them for their comfort. Putting the children’s things on top will also let you unpack the children’s stuff first, letting them entertain themselves while you unpack furniture that they can’t help you with.

It will help to keep the children on their normal schedule as much as possible. This way the move is less disruptive, and you will get them behaving well because they will be well-fed and rested. They will be able to handle the move without fussing.

If you keep these tips in mind when packing, you and the children will move into your new home with a minimum of tears and arguments. Need help packing your belongings? Contact Brown Box Movers and we will help you pack, move and unpack if needed.

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