Organizing Your Move

Moving time can be stressful.  It’s hard enough getting everything packed up, moved, and unpacked with everything in one piece.  And it doesn’t help that something always manages to get lost!

Planning and organizing your move will help ensure that all of your belongings get to the end location along with you!

  1. Start with packing one room at a time. Put a few empty boxes and tape in each room and work your way through each room of the house.  Make sure that each box is properly labeled with the contents and the room that it belongs in.
  2. Make a master list of what’s in all the boxes and which room each box goes into, so you have control over what’s where and where it’ll go in your new place.
  3. Label everything! Make sure to label each box with what is in it and what room it goes in. Also, make note if the contents are “fragile” to help avoid broken items.


Moving day can definitely be a pain and so can packing, but being organized will help make unpacking go that much smoother!  Call Brown Box Movers to get your move scheduled today!

Organizing Your Move

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