Packing for Your Next Big Move

Packing for Your Next Big MoveWhen you’re ready to make the move from one home to another, professional movers can make the task much less stressful. However, moving doesn’t always just involve moving your things from one place to another. Although Brown Box Movers offers packing services, some people may want to take a more DIY approach to their move and pack for themselves. Packing right can make the transition much easier for both you and your movers. So, how can you prepare for the big day? Follow these packing tips to ensure an easy move:

Start ahead of time. Start packing things you don’t need at least a week in advance. This will give you time to start the packing process and help you avoid feeling rushed when it gets close to moving time. Try to pack one room a day, giving yourself plenty of time.

Don’t pack things you do need. It may seem like common sense, but moving can be stressful and it’s easy to forget to not pack certain items. On moving day, you’re going to need some “essential” items, such as a few pairs of clothes, glasses, toiletries, medications, etc. Keep these items in one place so you don’t have to go digging for them later.

Pack similar items in the same box. Having things from different rooms all shoved into the same box can make the inevitable unpacking more difficult for you. Although you may be tempted to throw last-minute items into whatever box is closest to you, try to keep everything sorted by room.

Use new, strong boxes. Used boxes are more susceptible to tearing or may not be strong enough to last a move. Save yourself the trouble of having to deal with a spill of your things or potential damage to items by using new boxes and sealing them correctly. Brown Box Movers will even provide you with boxes so you don’t have to deal with getting them.

Clearly label all boxes. Instead of having to guess where everything is when you get to your new place, label each box with what is inside it. This way you can place all boxes where they should go.

Following these steps can help make your move less hectic. Brown Box Movers can give you the guidance you need to get through the moving process. Contact us today to find out more about how to properly pack for a move or to get a personalized consultation for your next move.

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