3 Reasons to Hire a Moving Service When You’re Moving Out of Your Apartment

The time has arrived for you to begin moving out of your apartment. Whether this has crept up on you or you have been planning your move, Brown Box Movers is here to help! From packing to hauling we’ve got you covered. Below are 3 Reasons to Hire a Moving Service When You’re Moving Out of Your Apartment.

3 Reasons to Hire a Service When You're Moving Out of Your Apartment

1. You don’t have the tools to carry heavy loads down the stairs.

Carrying heavy boxes is dangerous, especially if you have a few flights of stairs to go down. Many times, it’s not even a matter of the weight. Large boxes obscure your vision and delay your ability to grab onto the stair railing in the event of a collision or a slip. That’s why professionals have trolleys that are designed to handle staircases while keeping themselves and your possessions safe. They also wear knee and back braces because proactive safety is important. Hiring a service is easier than getting those tools yourself.

2. A lot of your furniture won’t fit in the elevator.

If you can’t use the stairs, then it seems like the elevator is the next thing to try. But your furniture won’t make it easy for you. Most sofas and tables are no longer designed to be easily dismantled, and taking them apart can leave you with a frustrating mess to fix when you arrive at your new home. Find a professional moving company who can safely carry it down the stairs.

3. Apartment owners charge for dumping and delays.

A regular part of moving is cleaning through your old possessions and deciding what should or shouldn’t come with you. That doesn’t just mean old clothing and boxes you never opened from the previous moves. It might also mean furniture, especially if you’re downsizing. But most apartment owners won’t let you dispose of furniture onsite, and there’s no guarantee that the local donation center will accept it. A moving company that doubles as a junk removal service can take care of everything; just mark what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

Apartment owners also charge you extra if you delay your move-out, even if no one is waiting for the open space. If the date has snuck up on you but you’ve been too busy to rent a truck and start moving out, call us. We can help you with our moving service! We will box up your belongings, pack them in our trucks, and ship everything to your new home.

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