6 Valuable Tips for Moving to A New Apartment

Now you’ve found a perfect new apartment, whether it’s because of a job transfer or you found a better apartment. Moving can be a little stressful. It’s more stressful when you think of things that could go wrong when moving valuable items. Losing or breaking something you hold dearly to your heart can be heartbreaking.

6 Valuable Tips for Moving to A New Apartment

If you’re planning a DIY move, it can be overwhelming and tiring, but the savings can make the labor worthwhile. A few things you should have in mind before you start packing can save you the headache, especially the unpacking end. Here are tips that will ease your stress and facilitate a smooth move.

1. Create an Inventory

Taking notes on the meaningful possessions can help should anything get lost or break in the transit. It also makes claims easier with the insurance company or moving company if you seek their services. Also clearly label boxes with the name of which room they will go to in the new house. You can also write a few words to describe what’s in the box.

Another way is to color code by rooms and note the list of items that fall under a particular color. You can color code with the level of importance, which can help you prioritize what goes in first in the mover track and what to unpack first.

2. Get an Insurance

If you don’t have homeowner’s insurance, get one. If you have the insurance, check to see whether your policy covers your valuable items in the event of moving. If they don’t, it’s crucial to buy additional coverage, especially for your more valuable possessions. Some moving companies offer extra insurance, it’s essential you ask if you use professional movers.

Getting insurance is vital as it enables you to file a claim in case your valuable items arrive damaged or lost during the relocation.

3. Use Boxes Designed for Moving

Proper packing procedure is the one step that can guarantee the safety of your valuable possessions.  Getting the appropriate packing supplies to make sure your valuables are safe when moving to your new apartment.

Original packaging is designed to offer the best protection for your valuable items, even during moving. If you kept them, use them for packing. Otherwise, buy containers or protective cases from storage facilities, truck rental companies, moving companies, and hardware stores. Moving companies should be able to offer adequate packing and moving solutions if you get them.

4. Get Help

Large and bulky items are not items to play with or move by yourself. They require special care, and, most of the time, require specialists. Many movers will contract out the work to a specialist for you. If you intend to have your priceless possessions in good shape, get the help of movers or get a specialist.

If you engage the services of a mover, smaller, lighter, and delicate items like jewelry and electronic gadgets should travel with you. Keep these valuables with you in the vehicle during moves.

5. Schedule Your Move Early

Always pack the non-essentials first; they are easy to miss if in a box. This will help avoid anything getting lost in the process of moving, as you may find out too late.

If you book a moving truck early enough, chances are you will get one and also the kind of vehicle you want. It’s also the time you can negotiate the prices to get a good deal. You don’t want to rush on the day you’re moving to get the essential things you need to move.

Also, check on your homeowner’s insurance provider to make sure everything is okay. You will find fewer things to worry about when the day comes.

6. Purge

There are things that you no longer need and want to dispose of. You can either donate, throw them away, or sell them. This will help reduce the cost of moving and probably make you some cash to buy new stuff.

DIY moving will save you some money but it might be harder than it seems. Hiring a reputable mover makes the stressful event of relocating your life easier.

It’s possible to enjoy the experience of moving if you hire Brown Box Movers to prepare mentally and plan the details, physically do the packing and heavy lifting, and shoulder the emotional strain of juggling the responsibilities surrounding a move. Contact Brown Box Movers today for a hassle-free move to your new apartment.

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