Here’s How to Pack Your Household Items Carefully When Moving

While preparing to move into a new home can be exciting and enjoyable, packing can take away the fun and excitement. Everything about packing can be challenging, from determining where to begin and how to pack to deciding what to bring.

Fortunately, here is how to reduce the stress associated with this process:

Here's How to Pack Your Household Items Carefully When Moving

Ensure that the boxes are all of the same weight

Pack carefully to ensure that all your boxes are equivalent in weight and size. Ensure that each box contains a mixture of heavy and light items to facilitate transfer from point A to point B. In addition, it is safer to stack boxes of similar weight because there is less likelihood that a heavy box will fall on top of a light box and crush it.

Ditch the bubble wrap

Using your clothing, blankets, and towels to wrap your fragile items, you can kill two birds with one stone. For instance, wrap framed artwork in towels and put delicate ornaments in socks. Then, for added protection, you can place these socks in your footwear.

Additionally, you can use assorted clothing to fill and secure space in boxes, wrap mugs and glasses in T-shirts, and cover small furniture with blankets and duvets.

Take care of your make-up

The frustration that comes with breaking your make-up during a move is unparalleled. To avoid this situation, put a cotton pad or ball inside the compact for powdered make-up products, remove the bottle caps from the liquid products, cover them in plastic wrap, and reattach them.

Take apart furniture

If your furniture is disassembled, it can be carried more conveniently and will take up less space in the moving truck. However, ensure that you take your time moving these items since they may be cumbersome to carry and can be enormous and heavy. For added protection, cover the surface with blankets and pads.

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