How to Decide What You’re Bringing to Your New Home

If you’re moving to a new home, not all of your belongings might be coming with you. If you’re downsizing, some of your furniture simply might not fit. If you’re moving to a bigger house to start a family, some of your old belongings may no longer have a place. And if you’re moving across the country, you might decide to cut out some moving logistics by leaving bulky items behind for good. Follow these simple steps to decide what you’re bringing to your new home:

How to Decide What You're Bringing to Your New Home

1. Leave behind anything you’ve been meaning to replace.

If you have items on your list that you know are old, too run down, or not quite right for you, consider donating or selling them instead of bringing them to a new destination. As long as it’s in your budget to replace them, this can be a good impetus to check that off your to-do list.  However, make sure that it’s something you’ve actually been meaning to replace.

2. Picture it in your new home.

Anything that doesn’t have a space in your new home shouldn’t come with you. If you know your oversized couch won’t fit without taking over half the living room, it’s not a good fit. This doesn’t just apply to big pieces of furniture. Home decor, window finishings, and other style-specific items need to have a place in your new home to warrant a place in the moving van.

3. Do you have duplicates?

If you’re moving in with your fiance or a new roommate, take stock of what you both are bringing to your new home. Big, bulky, or unnecessary duplicates are bound to be in your dual collections. Work together to decide who’s bringing what for both of you to share. Remember: communication is key during this step.

4. Is it worth the hassle?

If you’re handling your move entirely by yourself, the sheer effort of packing and moving some items may make the decision for you. But if you want to evaluate your belongings based on their value and future benefits, not just the short-term inconvenience, professional movers can help. Contact us today to let us know about your moving needs, and our team can handle packing and moving your home for you.

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