4 Questions to Ask About Your Long-Distance Move

If you have ever moved, you know that, no matter the reason or exciting opportunities ahead of you, the actual task of moving can be time-consuming and stressful. If you have never experienced a big move before, you may be daunted at the idea of arranging all of the details. Long-distance moving just adds another layer of complexity. It’s important that you are prepared!

When choosing your moving company, you want to choose a company with experience providing long-distance and interstate moves. It is important that you read reviews and ask questions!

4 Questions to Ask About Your Long-Distance Move

1. What services do you provide and how much do you charge?

Knowing how much a move is going to cost is important, especially if you are not receiving any relocation assistance. A reputable company will give you a detailed quote that addresses the amount of belongings you have, interstate mileage, the number of movers needed, truck size, and other factors. They should also be able to give an estimate of the number of moving boxes you will need, or how much they charge to pack your belongings for you, if that is a service you desire. Be sure to inquire in your initial request about other services they provide, because it might not cross your mind that you need junk removal until the last minute. Having a binding estimate for the actual move, and an idea of other potential costs, can help you budget accordingly.

2. Will I share a truck or moving team?

A shared truck means you, and anyone that is sharing the truck with you, run the risk of your personal belongings being mixed up or lost during the move. A dedicated truck means your personal belongings are not sharing space, and are far less likely to get lost in transit. A dedicated moving team means one team loads, transports and unloads your belongings instead of multiple teams handling different aspects of the move. This also reduces the possibility of mix-ups or miscommunications.

3.) What is my timeline?

An experienced moving company knows how long each step of the move should take. They should be able to tell you how many hours they expect it will take to pack your belongings, load the truck, transport your belongings, and unload the truck. Many companies even give a suggested “to-do” list ahead of your move, which is helpful if you’re doing the packing yourself as well as arranging all the other details such as utilities or pet care. So don’t be afraid to ask for their recommendations!

4. Does this company communicate effectively? 

A reputable company will keep the lines of communication open. They should return calls or emails in a timely manner, and answer questions as honestly as possible. They should also reach out before the move to confirm details and timelines.

Getting the answers you need to these questions can give you the peace of mind you need for your long-distance move! Call us today at Brown Box Movers!

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