5 COVID-19 Safety Tips From a DFW Moving Company

What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for you if you’re considering making a residential move? Most experts agree that the virus will probably be sticking around for a long time, so you might not be able to wait it out. Your best option is hiring a professional DFW moving company to minimize contact, and keep your family and possessions as safe as possible.

5 COVID-19 Safety Tips From a DFW Moving Company

Choosing a Professional Residential Mover:

Moving is considered an essential service, and professional companies like Brown Box Movers are following CDC guidelines. That includes increased sanitization of trucks and equipment, wearing gloves and masks, and practicing social distancing. Plus, experienced movers can do the job faster, which reduces exposure time.

Planning for Moving Day:

You can limit contact by arranging to be elsewhere while your movers do their work or appointing a single family member to stay on site. Similarly, you might want to wait a couple of days to move into your new home after your movers drop your possessions off. As always, opening windows and doors helps to reduce the risk in indoor spaces. While most companies will bring their own cleaning supplies, it also helps to provide a sink and extra paper towels, disinfectant, and other cleaning items if possible.

Use New Boxes:

Recycling is great, but now right now. Buying new boxes and tape is safer.

Drive to Your New Home:

Even for long distance moves, it may be safer to drive to your new destination rather than flying. Be sure to wash your hands often, bring along masks and nonperishable food, and check with state and local health departments for current conditions along your route.

Put Your Health First:

If possible, postpone moving if you or a family member suspect you have COVID-19 or you’re more vulnerable due to age and medical conditions. If you must move, talk with your mover about additional accommodations to keep you safe.

If you’re looking for a DFW moving company, let us make the transition easier for you. Contact us at Brown Box Movers for a free estimate and more information about our services.

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