Are You Using the Right Packing Materials?

Are you preparing to move? There’s a lot more to packing than simply putting things in a box. Most people understand the need for using packing material but not everyone understands the distinct characteristics of each material available. Are you using the right packing materials?

Are You Using the Right Packing Materials?

Bubble wrap is one of the more misunderstood materials. It is assumed that if it’s wrapped in bubble wrap it must be protected. Not always so. The type that’s fun to pop is only good for packaging light objects without sharp corners or edges. Once a cell pops, it no longer protects. For heavier items with edges and corners large, durable cells are needed. Large-cell heavy duty wrap works well, but even better is “air cushion” packaging. This is not always readily available to the private consumer. Local retail businesses will usually give excess packaging away if asked. It saves them the expense of having to throw it out.

Packing paper is often under-utilized. It’s a great all-purpose material and is often used to ship merchandise via UPS, FedEx and USPS all over the world. It can be packed tightly around objects and will conform to small spaces. Or, it can be loosely crumpled and used to protect more delicate items. Different thicknesses are available offering differing degrees of stiffness. It’s also recyclable and cheap. Newspaper can be used as a substitute, but the genuine article can usually be had for free by checking with local businesses.

Tissue paper is generally only good for the most delicate of items. It’s too thin to provide rigid protection. It’s typically best used to wrap items, but it can also be packed in to fill out voids around objects and in boxes.

Packing peanuts are ubiquitous and work well as long as the items packed cannot move in their box. Movement allows your packed items to compact and break up the peanuts, negating any protection they afford. If you can shake the box and hear or feel movement, you need more peanuts.  Again, most businesses are happy to give away extra peanuts, though they can also be bought.

Packing for a move can be stressful. Make it easier by using the right packing materials. Contact Brown Box Movers for more moving tips and to discuss your options. Serving the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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