Decluttering? We Can Help

Spring is here and decluttering is at the top of everyone’s checklist. The word declutter sounds like a daunting task but not if you do it efficiently as possible. Getting organized with these tips and letting Brown Box Movers assist in the process will get the job done just in time for summer.

Decluttering? We Can Help

1.Fill up a laundry basket or two.

Walk around your entire residence and start filling the laundry basket with items you no longer use, haven’t used in a while, or has no emotional or monetary value.

2. Make it fun and schedule a “Try on” session.

Try on every piece of clothing in your closet. If it’s too big or too small set it aside. If it fits give it a home, either by hanging it in your closet or storing it away for next winter.

3.Paper, paper, paper.

Usually paper makes up a ton of clutter in most homes. Take time to go through that endless pile of paper you’ve been telling yourself to tackle. Remember to keep it simple, you can either file, scan or trash.

4. For the big stuff.

Check out every piece of furniture in your home and be sure you are using it, that it’s serving it’s purpose and or confirm that it’s in good condition. If not set it aside along with the pile of stuff, clothes and paper.

5. Decision time!

This is by far is the hardest part. Determine whether any of the items can make you some extra change, worthy of donating , or is sadly junk at this point. For the junk, don’t hesitate to get a free quote from us to have it removed as quickly as possible. Next,  load up you car with everything you are donating and drop it off at the nearest donation drop off. Lastly, anything worth selling post on your choice of social media and get those items sold.

If you would like to know more about our junk removal service, then contact us today.

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