Movers Bring More Than Manpower When Moving Furniture Upstairs

Stairs are dangerous when you’re moving heavy furniture. No matter how safely you can carry a bulky box to the parking lot or how you and a friend have moved the sofa before, stairs force you to carry heavy objects awkwardly and they redistribute the weight in a way that is risky for both the participants and the objects being moved. If your apartment is on upstairs or you’re moving into a two-story house, make sure you hire professional movers.

Movers Bring More Than Manpower When Moving Furniture Upstairs

Why should you hire movers to carry things up and down stairs?

  1. Movers know how to carry things. It might seem a bit odd to think about, but there’s a right and a wrong way to carry even light objects. Movers know how to hold breakables to minimize the risk of damage, and they know how to hold furniture when it’s being moved levelly, when it’s going upstairs, and when it’s going downstairs. They also know when it’s time to use equipment.
  2. Movers have access to a variety of belts and hand carts. There’s a wider range of tools used in moving furniture and home goods than most people see in stores. Movers also have invested in secure hand carts with brakes and pads to carry things up and down stairs without damaging either the load or the surface.

Take advantage of movers’ tools and know-how to move your belongings. Even if you don’t want to have movers handle everything, hire a reliable group to handle both the heaviest things and to move things between stories. If you’re worried about the price tag, go to Brown Box Movers here for an estimate.

What to Tell Your Movers About Your Furniture

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and each piece has its quirks. Movers are trained to safely and efficiently carry even the bulkiest of objects, but giving them a bit of extra information can make the whole process safer and run more smoothly. Here’s a list of what you should tell movers about your furniture so they can pack, transport, and unload it.

What to Tell Your Movers About Your Furniture

Let them know what pieces are fragile or antiques.

We move each piece of furniture carefully, but knowing when a wooden bookcase or cabinet is old or more likely to break helps movers come up with a secure plan for moving it. Shelves and handholds have been designed in different ways throughout the years, and more information on heavier items is always better.

Let movers know if you’re going to rearrange in your new home.

A new house or apartment means furniture will need to be moved around a bit to make it fit in the new space, but as a general room rooms are packed together. If you know a table from one room and a cabinet from another will be put into a room together in your new place, let your movers know so they can separate them as they pack up the room for easier organization upon unloading.

A new house or apartment means furniture will need to be moved around a bit to make it fit in the new space, but as a general room rooms are packed together. If you know a table from one room and a cabinet from another will be put into a room together in your new place, let your movers know so they can separate them as they pack up the room for easier organization upon unloading.

Movers are there to help make your packing and moving process easier, and the more we know the more we can pack and unload everything in a way that’s helpful for you and best protects your things. For more tips about moving and how professional movers can help, contact Brown Box Movers.

Why Furniture Moving is a Job for Professionals

If you are planning on moving some of your furniture into a storage unit or to another home, you might be thinking about doing it yourself. However, furniture moving is often a job for professionals. Here’s why you should consider hiring someone rather than doing it yourself.

Why Furniture Moving is a Job for Professionals

It Might Be Heavier Than You Think

You might not think that it will be a big deal to move your furniture yourself, but once you try to pick it up, you might see exactly what the problem is. Many high-quality pieces are heavier than they look and can be more difficult to move than you think. You can protect your back and save yourself the strain by letting a professional take care of it instead.

Your Furniture Will Be Protected

There are so many ways that you can damage your furniture when moving it. If you carry it the wrong way and accidentally drop it, it could be damaged. If you don’t protect it properly when moving it from one place to another, it could get damaged or destroyed. These are all things that you have to worry about if you tackle the job yourself. A professional crew will know how to pack and transport your items without damaging them so that you can ensure that your furniture arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

As you can see, if you are thinking about moving your own furniture, you might want to reconsider your decision. Luckily, if you contact us at Brown Box Movers, we can help you out.

Before and After Apartment Moving Tips

If you’ve already called a moving company for your next move, half the battle is already won. This is going to save you a lot of headaches and time. There are still some things you will need to take care of before and after your move. Take some time to plan ahead and your move will go more smoothly than you ever imagined.

Before and After Apartment Moving Tips

It is easy to overlook something during a move. After all, this is a very stressful and chaotic time. Taking care of little things in advance will save you a tremendous amount of time and headaches during your move. Here are some great apartment moving tips for before and after the move to keep things running smoothly:

  • For the first night in your new home: When you arrive at your new home, it is likely everyone will be exhausted and not feel like digging through boxes for the bare necessities. Pack a survival kit when the bare necessities for the first night in your new home. This kit should include things you will need immediately such as your toothbrushes and other toiletry items, bed linens, pajamas, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, a flashlight, basic tools (screwdriver, pliers, knife, etc.), a telephone book, coffee, snacks, some cooking pans, and utensils, drinking cups, can opener, paper plates, pen, and paper. If there are other items you know you will need, you can include these as well.
  • Remember the pets: A move is stressful enough for humans. Why give your pets any unnecessary anxiety? Plan on leaving your pets at a friend’s or relative’s house until you have packed and moved in successfully.
  • Important papers: Important papers should not really be packed along with other items during a move. Carry them with you in a safe box and transport them to your new residence in your personal vehicle. This will save you time when you need to find your important papers in a hurry.
  • Do some cleaning: A move is a perfect time to do some purging. You don’t have to move everything with you. If you have items that need trashing, do it now. Other items that are seldom used can be placed into storage until needed.
  • Call a moving company: Trying to do everything yourself can cause burn-out and emotional overload. Accept the professional help of a moving company and relieve yourself of some of the stress involved in a move.

Brown Box Movers is a family owned moving company located in Denton, TX. From hearing all the horror stories about movers from friends, ordinary citizens like yourself, and the local news, Brown Box Movers noticed an opportunity to join and improve the moving industry. For worry-free moving, contact us today!

Apartment Moving Tips To Make Life a Little Easier

Moving can be an exciting time.  Whether you’re moving for a job or simply to be closer to family, it can mark a new beginning.  Unfortunately, the process of packing, moving, and getting set up in your new home are not quite as full.  Here are some apartment moving tips for making the process a little bit easier.

Apartment Moving Tips To Make Life a Little Easier

Give Yourself Some Time

When you know you’re ready to move, start planning your packing as soon as possible.  There will likely be nights where things come up or you simply don’t feel like packing.  Starting as early as possible will give you the chance to plan out your move and reduce the chances of overlooking anything.  You also won’t have to worry whether you’ll make it out by your lease’s expiration.

Packing Clothes On Hangars

No need to take the clothes off the hanger, fold them, and pack them away, only to reverse the process when you arrive at your new home.  Simply pack the clothes right on the hangers.  They’ll be ready to hang up when you get to your new home.

Use Your Drawers as Moving Boxes

Your drawers can double naturally as moving boxes.  Grab some plastic wrap to keep things from sliding out during transit and you’re good to go!

Declutter While Packing

Packing for a move is a perfect time to get rid of things that you don’t need.  Take the time to donate or give away things that you may no longer need.  If you’re up for it, plan a yard sale or consider selling some of your unused items online.

Make a Plan For Where Things Go

As you’re packing things, have a system in place for where things will go at the new destination.  Whether it be color coding or writing the room where your belongings will be placed, having a system will save a ton of time and stress when you’re ready to unpack in your new home.

Pack an Overnight Bag

When you get to your new home, you may not be ready to unpack all your belongings immediately.  Pack the things that you will need immediately during the first few days in your new place.  This will save you the stress of digging through boxes for your toothbrush.

Take Pictures Before You Leave

When you’re leaving your apartment for the last time, one of the things you’ll want to be able to take with you is your security deposit.  Before you go, take pictures of your apartment.  You’ll want to have these as proof of the condition you left things should you need them.

Moving is not always fun, but these tips could help to make the process just a little bit easier.

If you have any questions about these tips or anything else related to your upcoming move, please feel free to contact us today!

Strategies for Clearing Clutter

The New Year represents a time of new beginnings, and everyone starts out with high hopes for doing better in the upcoming months. Yet, sticking to your resolutions sometimes means asking for help getting started. Choosing to get more organized is a great place to start for improving your living space, and these tips will help you take those first steps toward finally handling your junk removal. Clearing out the clutter in the New Year can be as easy as the steps below:

Strategies for Clearing Clutter

Categorize By Priority

Take a stack of sticky notes and begin marking the things that you actually care about around your home. For example, family heirlooms such as furniture or paintings should be marked for keeping. As you prioritize, really think about what you use on a daily basis or has true meaning to your life.

Set Goals

When your house is full of clutter, it helps to keep your perspective by focusing on specific areas. Deciding to clear out your garage or attic space is a great place to start since many items in those areas can quickly be removed to clear out a large amount of space. Alternatively, you may just need to clear out a spare room. Either way, focusing on a specific goal gives you instant gratification when it is complete.

Create an Action Plan

Decluttering requires serious decisions about what to remove and where to take the items. You may also encounter barriers such as being unable to move furniture on your own or handle so much work. Creating an action plan before you get started will help you avoid barriers such as becoming overwhelmed by specific tasks that could cause you to stop mid-project.

Getting your house in order will lead to more opportunities for better health and happiness. Our professional team can quickly handle your junk removal so that you can focus on organization so contact us today, and we’ll help you get started.

A Moving Company Makes Moving Kids Easier

Few people look forward to the actual process of moving, no matter how much they might look forward to moving into a different home. This process can be that much more challenging when moving with kids in tow but luckily, hiring a professional moving company to assist with packing and moving your belongings can help. These are a few reasons why.

A Moving Company Makes Moving Kids Easier

Get the Job Done a Lot More Quickly

As just about anyone with kids knows, it can take a lot longer to get things done when you have children underfoot. Sorting items, packing everything up and moving everything out to the moving truck can be challenging when you have children who need your constant attention. Luckily, a moving company can help with this and can get the job done quickly.

Avoid Getting Your Kids Upset

Moves can be frightening and upsetting for many children, and your kids might get upset at the prospect of watching all of their belongings being packed up and moved out of the home that they have been living in. Letting a moving company handle this tough job while you and the kids do other things can be a good way to keep meltdowns to a minimum.

Prevent Potential Accidents and Injuries

The truth is that moving can be dangerous, since big and heavy items are being moved around, and since it can be tough to see what is underfoot when you’re carrying items out to the moving truck. If you let a moving company handle the job, however, you can help ensure that it’s done safely while keeping your children safely out of harm’s way.

As you can see, hiring a professional moving company can make moving a whole lot easier, especially when you have kids. If you are looking for a moving company that you can count on, contact us at Brown Box Movers today to find out more about our moving and packing services.

Three Downsizing Tips to Help With a Move

If you are moving into a smaller space or just want to purge unused items before a move, this can help your movers and streamline the process. Knowing exactly what you will be taking with you to your new home can help cut down on confusion and clutter. Here are three tips to help with downsizing before you call residential moving services to start with the heavy lifting.

Three Downsizing Tips to Help With a Move

1. Start Organizing Early

Getting rid of items can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for your moving day. If you can designate some time every week a few weeks in advance, you can tackle your home room by room and start organizing and purging items. If you can solicit a friend or loved one to help with the process, this can keep you on task.

2. Measurements are Important

If your big sectional sofa won’t fit in your new home, it is well worth the time and effort to know this ahead of time instead of moving this across town. If you have a lot of furnishings, make a mini version of your floor plan so you can visualize what will fit, and what needs to go.

3. Storage Options can Help

If you cannot possibly purge enough of your household items to fit into your next home, there are always storage options that can help. Moving services can make a stop to unpack these items as well. Whether these are family heirlooms you are holding on to for relatives or items you are hoping to sell in the future, storage can be a good interim solution.

While moving can be a stressful time, if you are downsizing into a smaller space, this can add an extra layer of planning. If you will need help with the packing and moving process, contact us to get you started and make your move a success.

Unexpected Relocation? 3 Ways a Residential Mover Can Help

Receiving the news that you only have a few days or weeks to relocate can send your mind into overdrive. After all, moving to a new residence requires planning, packing and the actual transportation of your belongings from one home to another. Whether you are moving for a new job or simply cannot stay in your current home anymore, it is important not to become paralyzed by panic. A residential mover can quickly help you create a plan that will take you through every step of the moving process. If you have just been surprised with unexpected relocation news we have a few tips for you to consider.

Unexpected Relocation? 3 Ways a Residential Mover Can Help

Develop a Timeline

It sounds obvious, but many people skip over the important process of making a checklist. Not only will this provide a resource for knowing what to do next, but it will also reassure you that progress is being made when you feel overwhelmed. If this is your first rapid move, ask your movers for help creating a step-by-step list of what you need to accomplish along with dates for them to be completed.

Divide and Conquer

If there were a time when everyone absolutely must work together, it is definitely during a rapid relocation. Yet, working together may mean working apart. If your spouse is changing to a new job in another place, consider having them go ahead of everyone else to set up the new residence. Then, delegate moving responsibilities among your team. For example, you could have your movers pack while you search for schools and other essential services in your future neighborhood.

Plan for Leftovers

One thing that is nice about a rapid relocation is that it gives you a chance to purge. As you sort through your belongings, you will likely find that you have things stashed in closets and the garage that you no longer need. Since time is of the essence, leave the junk removal to the professionals, and consider a storage building if you are saving more items than will fit into your new home.

Sudden relocations are exciting when you have the right mindset. We encourage you to contact us today so that we can ease the stress and walk you through the entire rapid move process.

Proper Prior Planning Leads to Easy Packing

Moving is a fun and exciting time in life, but it also means a lot of work. Do not let the stress of the process outweigh the excitement of your next destination. Instead look at as a large project, plan early and reap the benefits. Proper prior planning leads to easy packing when it’s time to load the boxes and go.

Proper Prior Planning Leads to Easy Packing


As soon as you settle on the decision of moving, start scheduling the move.

  • Take a calendar out and pick a move-out date. This will help focus your mind during the moving and packing process. If possible, choose one at least a few months out.
  • The first day you decide, look around and figure out how much work there is.
  • At least six weeks before packing, sort through everything that you plan to bring. Create three piles keep, sell, and give away. Focus on the items in the keep pile.
  • A month before the move, gather your supplies. You can start this earlier if you have extra time.


Gather the proper supplies early to protect your goods during transport.

  • Paper or labels for each box. Make sure they are big enough to write what is in the box or bag and where it belongs.
  • Choose larger boxes that can stand up to moving. Large rubber bins work for a variety of rooms from kitchens to bedrooms.
  • Smaller bins for smaller objects.
  • Brightly colored permanent markers in different colors. These can help organizing the packing by color coding.


Plan out an organization strategy before starting the packing process.

  • Color code. Choose one color and use it to label the boxes for a single room.
  • Print out pages with the box contents and put them in a binder. Simply label the boxes with a corresponding number. Once you arrive, look at your sheets to determine which numbers go in which room.

Packing is work, but taking these steps helps reduce the stress. Do not leave the planning until the last moment. You don’t want to have to rush through the process. If you have any questions about packing, please contact us today.